Activations Included

Our need to know stems from our lack of faith. We don’t really believe Creator has our back, so we always need to know what’s around the corner in order to feel safe. This activation restores your faith in the process of life and Creator.

There is a collective belief that we can only learn through suffering or that learning is difficult. This activation unplugs you from this collective belief and reinforces the belief that learning can be fun and easy.

I find that many healers do not feel they can go beyond their teachers or that they’re committed to one modality and unable to have freedom in their healing work. This activation releases you from all of that, including all the old contracts, vows and commitments around this energy. This activation will allow you to be the powerful healer you were always meant to be, knowing that Creator is in charge. It is Creator who does the healing and we are merely the witnesses.

This activation clears the blocks, fears and sabotage that prevents healers from doing their work. It also clears the need to create situations that distract you from your healing work and purpose.

Some people are afraid to stand out or excel because of the belief that others will target them and cause them harm either physically, emotionally, financially or perhaps tarnish their reputation. This is yet another way we give our power away. This activation gives you your power back.

More activations 

6. Disciples Return
7. Things Get Worse Before They Get Better
8. Free at Last
9. Heaven on Earth
10. Leap Forward with Ease and Grace
11. What If Miracles happen
12. Shaman Beliefs
13. Alchemy of The Fourth Dimension
14. Alchemy of the Fifth Dimension
15. Dyslexia
16. Heal Your Body Part
17. Retrieve Your Body Parts
18. Get Your Keys Back
19. Deactivate Environmental Poisons, Toxins, Chemtrails, Vaccines, Fluoride, Etc.
20. Having To Battle Light vs. Dark / Good vs. Evil
21. Total Body Connection
22. The Sky Is Falling
23. The Grass Is Always Greener
24. Glass Ceiling
25. Being On The Hamster Wheel
26. Separation of Religions
27. War Consciousness
28. The Peanut Gallery
29. Deactivate Control Of Advertisements

30. Karmic Loop
31. Fear of Authority
32. Wrong Fork in The Road – Wrong Choices
33. Central Sun
34. Crop Circles
35. Star-Seed
36. Galactic Federation
37. Universal Life Grid
38. Godhead
39. Age Reversal
40. Activating Telomeres and Stem Cells
41. Activating Collagen
42. Star-Gate
43. Motherboard
44. If I Were President
45. Super DNA 3     
46. Witchcraft Release
47. Genie In a Bottle
48. Weakest Link
49. Caste System Family
50. Caste System Money
51. Activate Your Pheromones
52. Sacred Sexuality
53. Integrate Divine Male & Female

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