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I’ve had a new understanding, more of an explanation of what Sacred Activations does.

I got this book about a year ago by Dr John Lilly and he talks about ‘Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer’, his experiences were all through LSD that he used in trials on people and he writes about that.

The title just kept hitting me because I know we’re like computers and we delete programs right?

With this explanation of metaprogramming:

  • Metaprogramming is a programming technique in which computer programs have the ability to treat other programs as their data.
  • It means that the program can be designed to read, generate, analyse or transform other programs.
  • Even modify itself while running and this is what Sacred Activations do!
  • Once this program starts as metaprogramming, it continues rewriting other programs in your hard drive and upgrading all of them and it can adjust itself, it’s intelligent.

I’ve been watching this happen for years. The programming is the process of creating a set of instructions that tells the computer how to perform a task.

It keeps deleting and rewriting programs and clearing your hard drive so you are capable of getting upgraded programs.

So when I am bringing in Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness and Abundance – that’s what I’m doing! Activating the Metaprogramming Energy of peace, love, joy and happiness – your life can be just incredible!

So – Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer is what Sacred Activations do.


They are Source Energy and the energy is going to run through all of your DNA and time lines – It’s going to change you, your family and friends. All the healing you do affects everybody because they are your mirror and they mirror back to you what you need to see..
So how this works; I connect to source energy, and then the energy runs and it keeps running. This energy will keep shifting you for weeks, even months. Sometimes after a webinar, you can feel instantly better or a couple of days later “pop off” and get really emotional or angry, but it is your energy shifting and coming up. When it comes up, it is gone, it releases and you don’t have to redo it. This energy can not be misused or manipulated and can not be used on anybody that you don’t have permission to. It is amazing and Incredible! Yet it can make you sick, where you have to spend some time in bed, but it continues to shift you in all areas of your life and bring you into the Oneness of who you are. Disconnecting the separation belief systems and disease belief systems, the lack and limitations. They are all just programs, so we can choose which programs we have on our hard drive. There is no such thing as separation – like a finger yelling at a toe “you are not like me” – But we are one body, so let’s get along. Think about that – We are one body.