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Part 1 – Discussion of Addictions

In the first part of this webinar, Tamra discusses addictions and that they are much more common than most of us realize. In her typical style of being real, Tamra discusses how here own addiction to sugar has been a 20-year struggle to deal with. However, there are much more common addictions… drama, sickness, hatred, anger, rage. After talking about her own addiction pattern she asks the students what patterns they have. She also discusses what addictions are not.

This powerful section is just the opening of this webinar.


Part 2 – Addiction Redirection activation

Tamra begins this section by asking, “What are you addicted to? What patterns are you doing that you do not like? How is it affecting your life?” These are the things that will be cleared out during this activation.

In spite of a technical problem about half way through, this part continues on, most saying that what was experienced during this clearing was deep and profound.


Part 3 – A Brief Interlude

This section would have originally continued on through the guided meditation, but a quick break was necessary. It’s a very brief section.


Part 4 – Guided Meditation

Tamra begins by introducing this as a guided meditation about creation… creating self-love, self-nurturing, self-acceptance, and more. This guided meditation is to re-activate all of these energies within each one. Very powerful.


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