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This course dives into the deep seated beliefs that aging is a necessary part of life. In fact, we can choose to slow down aging and even reverse it. We will be taking back control of our reality, starting with ourselves. You are light and spirit of being, ageless.

Week 1:

We have a consciousness and belief system set that we have to do all these things and take all these things for age reversal and to be healthy. So she begins day 1 by talking these as all are a bit wrapped up in these things. From there she’ll work to help the class expand their consciousness… to realize we’re all just holograms… and we’re aging because of the programs that are placed in the hologram.

“The more powerful we get, the faster we create our belief systems.”

Over these next four weeks I’m gonna be unwinding those belief systems that are creating our hologram to show up the way it shows up.

Before running activations she explains the process… that running activations is similar to installing programs on a computer’s motherboard. Some will start running right away, while others will run later. They will continue over time, even though they’ll be installed today. You’ll also be shifting the energy around aging, activating telomeres and collagen and hormones, but the activations begin to run as you’re ready for them to do so.

The eight activations run on day one are:

Activating Telomeres, Collagen, Installing the Blueprint, and Balancing Your Hormones. From there she also runs Life’s Flow, which allows your body to be in the flow of life without having to fight life… and also Book of the Dead, which clears you of the fear of dying. Finally she’ll be running the Organ Rejuvenation activation, along with the Total Body Connection activation, which helps you come into your body. She also explains that for these processes and belief systems to unwind that it takes at least two to three weeks, or more.

After activations Tamra talks about things she does for cleansing to help you become your own inner alchemist and get into that space of reversing the age process.

Before ending the day she leads a powerful guided meditation, taking the class into the healing chamber in the Akashic records.

She concludes day one with a comprehensive and powerful question and answer session.

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Week 2:

Tamra begins this class by talking about those things we do that cause us to age, such as environmental toxins, or the toxins we choose to put in our body, or that we’re addicted to. So she’ll clear the belief system about environmental toxins. Then she’ll also clear the beliefs about toxins in our foods. She also points out that if we’re addicted to toxins that make us age, that somehow we want to age.

Before continuing she opens the class to another powerful question and answer session.

The five activations that are run during day two are:

Addictions to Toxins and Environmental Toxins because we get addicted to toxic waste, basically, that we put in our bodies and the beliefs in the toxins in our environments. Also Disconnect From Disease Consciousness. She also unravels the programs that are within the man-made matrix blueprint of aging that each on follows. Continuing, she then runs What Doctors Say to clear the beliefs in what the doctor tells you, as well as Age and Weight to clear those beliefs that connect weight with age.

Then she conducts a very powerful guided meditation that takes each student into a place of rejuvenation and happy, renewed, restorative growth.

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Part 2

Part 3

Week 3:

During this day Tamra covers time… the beliefs in what we expect to look like at a particular age… that these programs are only running to satisfy others and what they think of you. What are others going to think when you still look 30 or 40 and you’re 110 and you’re kids have died of old age?

From here she begins to ask questions about our beliefs and how we feel about them. Are you happy with the way you’re aging… with the way you look?

She talks about the role models of aging we have and how those affect us.

She also shares that while she can clear all of this, you also have to take action. You’ve got to line up with that energy. Feel good about everything you put on and in your body because it’s those belief systems that’s what’s nourishing your body and the belief systems you’re giving your body on how to show up.

She then teaches about our belief systems and that it’s important to call them into question.

The activation on day 3 will be:

The Fountain of Youth and Unweaving Time.

She then asks everyone to write a list of all the things you don’t like about yourself.

Soon she asks everyone to look at their lists because those beliefs are going to be cleared, instructing them what to do as the clear takes place.

All will be cleared from your blueprint, and then reset your blueprint.

The incredible clearing within part 2 today is very powerful, bringing up all sorts of things to be cleared. Tamra directs each one in different directions, aiding the clearing process.

Tamra also runs the Unweaving Time activation during this clearing.

The teachings within part 2 are incredibly liberating and very powerful.

Also runs The Book of the Dead activation to clear everyone’s belief about dying.

Next Tamra invites the class into the Akashic records to lie on the healing table. During this time she runs the Fountain of Youth activation, during this guided meditation part of day 3. The Fountain of Youth activation activates and repairs your cells, and continues to constantly flow through your body, meaning the cells will continue to renew.

This visualization-intense guided meditation is incredibly powerful… one that underscores the power of this webinar.

Tamra finally ends day 3 with a brief comment, question, and answer session, which includes very comprehensive questions. All will gain from the answers.

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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Week 4:

Tamra begins Day 4 with sharing how her own work has shifted her into feeling more in the now, with less body judgments than ever before.

She was also told to change the name of the Fountain of Youth activation to the Fountain of Life, as the Fountain of Youth has the belief system of age attached to it.

Tamra continues by asking the question: “What is age?” Then continue by adding that, “There’s no reason for us to do that here except to fit into a timeline, and fit into belief systems of what we’re supposed to be like, look like, act like.”

The teachings in day 4 are equally powerful, adding to the impact of this entire webinar.

Activations run this day:

Polar Opposites, Anger At Your Body, Moses Codes, Cell Snap, Collagen, Telomeres, Healthy Boundaries, Honor Respect and Loyalty Toward Your Body, and Breath of Life.

Polar Opposites, which erases the neuron lines so the program stops running. A lot of times you’ll forget why you ran it. She runs it concerning aging, and a bit differently than what has previously been run. From there more will be added. At the end of this set of activations will be the Breath of Life activation.

Anger At Your Body… where in your body are you holding anger toward it?

As she runs these activations she instructs each one to focus on anything about aging, self-judgment, belief systems about yourself or what you should look like, or what you should be like, or act like, that pops into your mind as they run. All of the beliefs concerning aging are cleared as they come up.

This set of activations is the most powerful, healing, clearing set of the webinar.

After running activations, Tamra opens it up to some very powerful questions before taking the students through a guided meditation.

This powerful guided meditation, which closes out the webinar, is about prana… the breath of life and cell energy renewal… and that it contains all we need… the breath of life, of vitality, of light-body, of being crystalline.

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