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Part 1 – Introduction and Initial Teaching

In this introduction Tamra talks about her acquaintance from Mexico, Vickies, the friendship they had and how it was confusing to her for a while. He kept coming after her and doing things. So she finally went back to Mexico and is glad that she did. That energy of deep love is something she didn’t feel… and she ignored the warning signs she kept hearing. Within two days of being together he started crying, telling her that she’s so powerful… that her power scared him and he wants to go home.

Tamra continues by saying:

The more powerful and in line you get, you mirror back to them their own stuff.

And then a couple of days before an previous webinar, the energy started to transform, even beforehand, it starts working on you. And it hit her… that this whole time he had been using black magic on her. It finally hit her that he’d been messing with her energy for three years and she had to return to Mexico to clear that.

Tamra comments about this by adding the following information:

If you’re being messed with, it’s up to you. It’s between you, you, and you, for your growth and understanding. Nobody can mess with you unless you’re allowing them on some level… and you need to understand that. You’re not a victim of anything… you’re a participant in everything.


Part 2 – Bonus: Release

In this bonus, Tamra issues a release that is quite surprising and also quite indicative of her deep integrity. This is a part that, although rather brief, is worth your time to listen to.

Near the end of this part she says:

So at this time I completely and totally unmask myself and my… what I put out there, and what I’m all about.

What matters is what’s in your heart and what your intentions are… that’s what matters. It’s not my business what people think of me.


Part 3 – Black Magic Puppet Master activation

Tamra begins part three of this webinar by asking the following questions:

Why are you being attacked? Who’s attacking you? How does it serve you?

Then she runs the energy of this activation to release this energy of attack.

As she winds down the activation she states the following:

Releasing all hooks, cords, attachments… whatever that is… that is attached to you from other dimensions, other people, other masters. Anybody and everybody that is using black magic on you, or attacking you during your dreams. Whatever that time is.

This powerful activation is the basis for this equally powerful webinar.


Part 4 – Being Indebted activation

Tamra begins by stating the following:

This is a surprise activation. I want you to release any energy how you feel you’re indebted to anybody for anything. You think you owe people money or time or energy? Completely and totally erase all of this. And also erase anybody owing you anything. You want a clean slate.

This powerful activation continues from there as Tamra explains the remaining subtleties of this activation to all attending this webinar.


Part 5 – Unmasked activation

To begin this part of the webinar, Tamra makes the following remarks:

So many people today wear a mask to pretend to be something that they’re not. And I’ve gotten to where I can see through the mask, for the most part. So this is going to unmask you, and it’s also gonna unmask the abilities for you to see it in other people. So you can see through the mask… through your teachers, through your gurus. See what they’re all about. There’s a lot of bright, shiny objects out there. Check their intentions. Check their contracts. Ask what it means to get involved with them before you do. This is from experience, so this is for you… everybody.

So it’s about unmasking yourself, so others can see your intentions, and if that scares you, you need to work on yourself. And it’s about seeing other intentions. This has really changed my life.


Part 6 – Questions and Answer session

Q: With all the healers out there, how do you know if someone is placing something malicious in your energy field?

– I would say about 90% of them do. Use the unmasked activation and ask. I see a lot of people controlled by different modalities… a lot of the popular modalities out there have those contracts. And do they know they’re doing that? I don’t know. They need to work on themselves. They may not intentionally be doing it, but they are doing it.

Q: Would that be even like theta healing?

– I’m not saying any names.

Q: Okay… but it could be anyone in any of those modalities?

– It could be.
Okay, so Catherine I hope that helps you.

Q: I wanted to know a little bit more about the masked attacks you were getting a few years ago, when you mentioned the Black Magic Puppet Master activation the first time. I want to know, how did you notice that you were being attacked, and what were the signs?

– I would hear it. I would know it. I would be told to call Dr. Sankey and make an appointment. And Dr. Sankey, if I have a guru, that’s him. And 20 years ago he told me what I’d be doing… what I’m doing now. And I didn’t believe him.

Q: Can you describe what it looks like when you see a person and you see through their mask?

– It’s kinda funny. They’re syrupy sweet and you can see behind it and they’re hissing at you. (laughs) Right. If you’re gonna be honest and truly love yourself, you’re gonna start listening.


Part 7 – Prophets Return

Tamra begins this activation with the following remark:

I mean there’s so many profits that have been out there, that are out there, and that are getting killed. You know, and so a lot of us prophets that are here working for the oneness, for God, for the Universal Energy, whatever you want to call it… are afraid to show up because the collective consciousness belief system that if you show up and you speak your truth you’re gonna get killed. And there’s a lot of that in the media right now a lot. And they’re gonna keep pushing the narrative… they’re gonna keep pushing that fear. So let’s clear that fear.

It’s gonna clear you of the fear of really being who you are. Again, you don’t die without your permission, so stop fearing it. And stop hiding. What good does that do anybody? This is your life. What are you doing with it?

This powerful activation is another to run for your own ability to show up fully.


Part 8 – Universal Life Grid activation

How I see this, is it puts a netting of light around you, so only love can penetrate through. And it’s called Universal Life Grid because it covers different bodies that your soul’s in, because if you haven’t brought in timelines and parallel universes, you could still be operating in many different bodies at the same time. So this protects all your bodies.

The Universal Life Grid puts light and love all around you, protecting you, loving you.

While there is more to this activation, from the above description you can better understand the power contained within.


Part 9 – Pillar of Light activation

Tamra opens part nine with the following remarks:

You know, the redwood trees showed me this the first time. I was in the redwoods about three years ago and they showed me to stand tall like a redwood and how the energy through a redwood tree flows up and down. Right? Goes into Mother Earth, goes all the way up to the sun. I want you guys to practice doing the same thing. Imagine that you can go into Mother Earth’s heart chakra, and then imagine that the top of you goes all the way into the Central Sun, or the Eye of God, whichever one resonates with you.

Shoot that light up… become that pillar of light. Just keep practicing it, and practicing it, and practicing it. This is you. You are this pillar of light. Anybody attacks you, or hooks you, you can look at your pillar of light and see any attachments, and just take them off.

Nothing has power over you. Nothing.

Shoot your light up. Connect. Remember who you are… your magnificence.

Tamra continues to describe this activation in even greater detail… very powerful.


Part 10 – Questions and Answers

Questions asked by the students include the following:

Can you stay connected to the Central Sun?

Do you feel Vickies is an aspect of you?

Do you feel like you integrated that aspect of you into you as you said goodbye to him?

Someone was feeling pressure in her forehead down to her third eye. She asks if she’s just clearing or is there something blocking this energy? She felt the sensation after looking at the first head that you showed… the one in the salt.

Who are the people who pose as light workers and how to you recognize people that are after your energy?

Listening to the answers that Tamra gives to each question will be worth your time as you learn still more.

Video you have watched all the videos, do consider sharing your feedback with

We look forward to knowing what worked for you and what you think didn’t work that much. Your perspective helps us design programmin gs of future webinar. We really appreciate you taking the time to communicate with us.

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