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Caste System Money Activation

You know we put people in categories because of the amount of money they make! Some of the best people I have ever met have zero money and they are the most giving people. I also see people with millions and millions of dollars doing the same thing – So the money doesn’t have anything to do with it. For me, growing up – I always thought that people with money were better than me and that is not true. People are people, either extreme is going to make them do their limit for what they are about, both rich and poor people can be evil. It has nothing to do with how much money they have. So if you have these belief systems, you will keep yourself in different categories of where you think you belong, or because the of the belief systems of that category; if you think people with mohney are horrible and evil then you are not going to have money because you are afraid that you will be horrible and evil too.


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