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Classic Akashic Records

Day 1

Classic Akashic record Guide

Video 1An introductory video that explains what you can expect from the class. What you can expect to see/hear/experience and how the Akashic Records work. 2 Illumination and Alchemy 3rd- 9th.
These activations are about remembering all your timelines in Akashic records, expanding your intuitive abilities. They will bring you into your power of manifesting, so be aware of your power. 3A short video where participants share their experiences and Tamra answers any question. 4The Akashic Records are explained in a bit more detail as the next video is a guided meditation. 5A guided meditation into The Akashic Records. 6Questions and Answers from participants and they also share their experience of the guided meditation. Tamra also explains about what to practice in the break out rooms. 7A breakout room session with Bianca and Patti taking turns to work on each other in the Akashic Records. 8Focusing on Peace, Love, Joy and happiness Tamra shares some personal experiences.
Participants share their experiences from the previous break out rooms and Tamra answers questions. 9Testimonial video from Yuri and Ahsley – DO NOT INCLUDE in replays BUT please SAVE video somewhere. 10Reconnecting after Lunch – Tamra explains that no one is better than anyone else, no one is going to judge you.
Tamra opens up to questions and answers and asks participants to share their experiences. 11A close for the first day and Tamra sets “homework” for practicing a reading on yourself.

Day 2

Video 1On this second day we will be looking at your Sacred Blue Prints and reading your records to see what you came here to do and experience – and find out what is blocking you. 2Break out room with Judy and Judit, Maria and Danilela – taking it in turns to read each others sacred blueprint. 3Tamra opens up the call for participants to share their experiences from the last break out room. 4Tamra tells her experience of “walk in’s” and opens the call up to questions and answers. 5Tamra explains about the next level of class that you can take to further your Akashic Records Training. She also open up the call to participants experiences from the last break out room. 6A guided meditation into the Galactic Akashic Records.

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