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Meet Your Guardian Angels and Spirit
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Video 1

“Confusion”There is a lot of confusion going on in the world right now, huge confusion. So let’s clear that out, lets clear the confusion and lets go through this transformation and go into acceptance, because really, we are the creators of this world. So the Confusion that’s going on, it’s what we are holding inside of us and it’s coming out.We’re full in 5D! So all of our stuff can’t be hidden, all our stuff is being unveiled. So the chaos we’re in is ourselves creating it. We are creating all of this. When you think about that you realise it’s your responsibility to clear the chaos in you, because if you are feeling chaotic you are sending that into the energy force of the Earth. If you are in acceptance, THAT is what you are sending to the Earth. SO it’s time for this Transformation into a new reality of peace, love, joy and happiness. SO what is the confusion for you? Where are you confused? Let’s delete all those programmes, that’s been controlling your life and keeping you in confusion.Activations/De-Activations included but limited to:

  • Sky is falling
  • Confusion in the world
  • Confusion in relationships
  • Confusion inside yourself/the family
  • Unmasked media
  • Unmasked belief systems
  • Unmasking others
  • Unmasked ourselves
  • The World Stage
  • Take the Red Pill


Video 2

“Transformation”Transformation is the Transformation of one’s self. How do you think the world is created? It’s created from within you. You ARE the transformation, You’re IT. In this session, it’s completely and totally transforming your believe systems about being the transformation, about giving away your power.Plugging into the Palladians, The Octarians or that Jesus will come and save us, you can’t create anything, how do you create that? You are the one you’ve been looking for. You have everything inside of you there’s nothing outside of you, nothing. This is ALL your creation. It’s time to transform you, into You, Completely and totally. It’s time to come into your full power. You are the transformation on the planet and the only way to do that is when you claim your power. You have just as much power as anybody else. However we serve its fine. We do not need to be like other people.Activation/De-Activations included but limited to:

  • Healthy Loving Temple
  • The Beauty Inside
  • Time lines and Parallel Universes
  • Past Life and Future Lives
  • The Master You Are
  • Collapsing False Idols
  • God Head
  • Tree of Life
  • Christ Consciousness
  • Avebury & Stonehenge
  • Alchemist of the Self
  • Alchemy of 3rd – 9th


Video 3

“Acceptance”It’s time for us to go into Acceptance of our life, the world, our journey and why we are here. Why are we here? We’re here to have an experience, we’re to learn, we’re to connect, and we’re to love. Most of it is we’re here for acceptance, not judgement.When you are judging others you are judging yourself. Going into pure acceptance, acceptance of how you are showing up right here right now, knowing you are doing the best you can whatever it is and however it is. Think about all the beautiful things you do, for yourself, for others, for animals, the Planet, whatever that is. Acceptance for your town for your family and for your friends. Acceptance that everyone is playing their role, whatever they are going through. Complete and total acceptance without the need to save them or wake them up, total acceptance of any differences.Activations/De-Activations included but not limited to:

  • Acceptance for Self/Family/Friends
  • Acceptance of your Town
  • Ultimate Freedom
  • Free of Any Mask
  • Acceptance of the World


Video 4

Personal conversation with practitioners and an explanation for how long activations will integrate.


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