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Empowered Healer + Consciousness Creation


What is included in the bundle?

I promise to help you shift a lot of belief systems, I guarantee you’re going to be completely different,
by the time we are done with this course.

Whatever you feel and/or experience  is Yours, nobody is in control of that except you, it’s your stuff.
It’s not mine, it’s not Sacred Activations. 


When we get uncomfortable, or when we start letting go of 1000s of toxic things that we hold within us, that we hold in our systems and we hold on other people and expect other people to show up,  we get attached to the outcomes and we get attached to how we show up in the world and how people see us.

“What if they don’t like me?”
 “What if they don’t shift?”
“What if they think what I told them isn’t real?”
“What if I told them something that they are so far away from knowing yet?
And they don’t get it? And they argue with me? Then what?”

It shifts them. When you’re doing future readings for people, you’re giving them one of the scenarios that is in their timeline now, but if they don’t want that, they can shift it and clear it. So what you told them was a possibility if they stayed where they were.

 If you really are ready to make some money or just to make a big splash and to do what you truly desire in your heart, for the whole and that’s what you want to contribute, it takes action. It takes focus, dedication, meditation and it takes the right vibration.

Guides you to connect with  your council and ask them questions about what you are here to learn and achieve on Planet Earth. This guided meditation can be used over and over as you need it.

Activations included throughout this course, but not limited to:

Body Parts (for those who were dealing with physical “stuff”),
Weight of the World,
Disconnect from Disease Consciousness,
13 Chakras,
Lord Metatron,
Alchemy of the Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Dimensions,
Heaven’s Gate,
The Moses Codes,
and so much more…

We’re going to be working on all of that and we’re also going to be clearing this stuff out. So that you’ll continue to use the tools I give you in these recordings, you can go back and listen to them again and again because life is a  spiral. 

Sometimes it will shift so much, or sometimes it’ll shift all of that, but some of it you go to one level and then you go to another level then you go to another level and these tools are will be here to support you in doing this, the guided meditations, the manifestations and the clearings. So that  you can take action.


Labels & Boxes and Anti Gravity

Being boxed into Who are You? Christian? Spiritual? When you put yourself in a box, you start running those programmes of what it means to be one or the other or whatever. I am not interested in being labelled and boxed.

We are going to dis-create gravity belief systems.  The belief that you can’t walk on water, because you can. The beliefs you have about age, because that’s gravity isn’t it? The belief that trees can’t walk.

Transcending All Human Judgment

Everything is light whatever that we do with it. When you leave the body through death, you create heaven or hell for yourself based on what you believe. Our higher selves are having such a blast watching what we’re doing, and we’re all laughing at one another.” It’s just like friends playing a video game together. “We can create anything that we put our energy into. And you don’t have to have all of your belief systems totally shifted before you do it.”

Alchemy of the 6th Dimension (Gratitude)

Most of us live on the fifth dimension, but we can pop in and out of the sixth dimension where you create instantly. I want everyone to work on increasing this ability every day. With great power comes great responsibility. You have to keep your thoughts clear and positive. You’ve got to watch your thoughts. This activation will bring in your manifestation abilities.

Welcome to Your Funeral (Subconscious Programming)

This webinar begins with the realization that everything is inside of you.
It’s time to start collapsing all of the subconscious programming on the planet, because the majority of our lives are run by our subconscious –  95 to 99% of our lives.

Living In 5D Conscious Creation

This class is about Living in 5D, but operating in the 3rd dimension… because we still have to show up.

So it’s about not feeling weird, or better than, because even though we’re much more connected and knowing we’re not locked into the matrix, like most, we still have to function in it.

Not allowing the judgments of others to affect you.

Clearing All Levels; Conscious Creation

We are going to be collapsing all the sub programming around being a victim, that victim hood.

The level One – Life just happens to you, and you have no control.
Second level- you manifest
Third level – you channel
Fourth level – you are everything.


Spirituality and Abundance

There are so many belief systems that, if you are a spiritual healer or anything like that, it is – Money is evil and you shouldn’t have money!

A lot of us are really afraid to use our manifestation power because we’re afraid of what we’re going to create. Fear of our creations will stop us more than anything.  How much do you value yourself? How are you going to help anybody if you are not valuing yourself and your time?  It’s all about where you put your energy and your thoughts. 

Past Lives, Archetypes & Hypnosis

You know I think I’ve come to realise that we don’t really live our past lives. I believe these past lives are to show to us; healing and activation of gifts. They are programmes and we pick our programmes from things we want to learn from.

That’s what this guided meditation is going to be about, where we will go into the Akashic Records and meet our archetypes and you will do clearings from them and also activate gifts.

Past Lives, Archetypes & Hypnosis

There are a lot of light workers plugged into the duality of the light and the dark, the aliens that are fighting over the planet. We’ve got to disconnect from that because you are giving them power. This is our world, we are in charge. They are here to assist and help us get in out power. It’s not our job to wake people up, not everybody is meant to wake up. Thats doesnt mean we’re going to separate from them, they are still part of the game.

Divine Order

Divine Order Master Class is about Oneness – the oneness within you. When you no  longer seek outside of yourself for anything or anyone. Divine order is knowing you are everything and everything is perfect. Everything flows, it is your true essence. You came here to experience Divine order, to you be you and to be whole, in the oneness of the divine that you are. Free of all the programs that desire to enter your space to control and destroy you. Divine order is about being in a place of love, presence and acceptance.


We are creating the world we are living in, all the subconscious programing is falling apart. Subconsciousness on the planet is collapsing, we are becoming conscious creation. No more of your life is going to be run 95% by your subconscious programming because there isn’t going to be any.







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