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Disciples Return Activation

There is so much history of disciples, of the oneness of God, that have been killed because of what they know – Which truly sets humans free – To know that they are their creators.
So to keep control they kill these people – These Masters were killed 1) For control and 2) because of what they were sharing.
Masters were/are in total service, this is a video game and they have done what they needed to do to help you However things happen, or unfold, it’s all perfect.
Let go of any of those belief systems that you have, attachments to any of the Masters that have been killed for speaking out and also about yourself and what fears you hold about that because you’re all amazing, just allowing yourself to be seen and heard. However that is for you to be service. These collective Consciousness fears are super strong and we can unplug from them, we don’t have to run those programs.


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