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Earth Mastery Certified practitioner training

An introduction to earth mastery webinar.

We need to work on the energies that get stuck in areas; like where there is a car crash because what happens? There are more car crashes. It is that connection – that energy is stuck in there. War energy is stuck in the land and the ley lines
We’ve been learning how to work in the higher realms, we’ve been learning how to connect with Consciousness/Oneness and clear, but what about mother Earth? We are plugged into that, we are plugged into the energies of our homes and our towns and the energies that go on in that area and it’s time to learn to clear that. We are one with the world and with everybody. We have permission to go into the land and clear the land. It’s our mother, you can always ask permission, but with Sacred Activations the energies do not run unless you have permission.The land holds energy. If you have ever looked at all the ley lines in the planet there’s something on them, either churches, military bases and Insane Asylums. The laylines increase energy and the insane asylums (Churches and Military Bases) are using the ley lines to create more chaos energy and since we are all connected; the chaos that is created is going into the atmosphere and into the web of who we are.
The energy we are working with is incredible, it is intelligent, it is not limited and it cannot be misused, always conscious consent so welcome to Earth Mastery class.


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There is so much energy in the land that we connect into, that controls our lives, our towns and our world. There is a lot of sorrow and sadness in the land and we can learn to change that and work with that and the ley lines to power up the crystals in the land . The ley lines on the land really make up the Flower of Life on the land and they connect to each other all over the world.
The cool thing is we can clear the energy in the land, we are clearing so fast as a planet – we’re moving really fast, a lot of people aren’t ready but we keep moving and expanding. There is a lot of “freak out” energy in the land. There is a lot of pain, fear and trauma from car crashes, house fires, people losing their homes – and it repeats and it builds on itself. It can also be reversed and neutralized and then add any program you want.

Video short discussion about how practitioners can work with the energy of a cyclone being Witnesses, energy workers and many different options.

Video sessions and exercise video in healing Typhoon Goni

Video and answers video.

Video guided meditation with a unicorn, dolphin or a dragon to connect with the ley lines and crystals around the planet.
You are going to see these beings and Yourself activating the ley lines and the Crystals. They can assist you in doing this or you can do this on your own, it is a lot of fun. Whatever Being you want to connect with; we are going to do that now.

Video shares some stories and information from some of her past expansion experiences, spirit guides and channeling.

Video sessions and exercise video taking it in turns to work on clearing each other’s houses.

Video, Answers and Experience sharing Video.

Video point activationWhich means there is no time, there is nothing. It’s Zero point and I want you to be able to get into this state. It’s like pausing your holodeck. When you are in nothingness you can expand into everything, you are the whole world and you are everybody. Being in this space knowing all of this is you, all created for your experience. knowing you can be anywhere anytime and any location. you can speak to every single element, everything on this planet telepathically. You are a very powerful creator.

Video“We have cleared houses and land, We’ve connected with crystals and ley lines pyramids we have connected with the elements. There is calling from the water too – it is a huge conductor”.
Tamra shares her stories about magic land – and the possibilities that you can do this too.
Includes Mary Magdalene and Pillar of Light Activations.

Video Few questions and answers – With Tamra’s experiences included.

Video sessions where the practitioners work together on a chosen topic; elements, land, ley lines, crystals – whatever the practitioners choose from the topics discussed in this class.

Video roundup of Earth Mastery Masterclass including a few questions and answers from participants and tamra.


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