Tamra Oviatt and Sacred Activations® are offering students the opportunity to become Empowered Healers. This course is offered in a pre-recorded online format. Such an online format allows you to take this course in the convenient comfort of your own home, and at a pace that accommodates your own lifestyle. It is also the perfect option for those of you who are eagerly excited to delve more deeply into such a topic, yet who are unable to travel to a live event due to the constraints of work, life, and so on.


  • To shift a lot of belief systems- Tamra guarantees you’ll be completely different afterwards.
  • Nobody is in control of what you experience – whatever you feel is YOURS
  • To be grateful for how fast the shifts can occur – we can get uncomfortable or attached to how we show up in the world.
  • About future readings
  • About the focus and dedication of a Healer,
  • What kind of difference do you want to make in the world?
  • What kind of things do you desire in your life?
  • What kind of improvements do you want in your relationships?

Course includes a Guided Meditation into the Akashic Records to connect with your council
and ask them questions about what you are here to learn and achieve on Planet Earth.

(This guided meditation can be used over and over as you need it.)

Activations included throughout this course
but not limited to:

  • Body Parts (for those who were dealing with physical “stuff”),
  • Weight of the World,
  • Disconnect from Disease Consciousness,
  • 13 Chakras,
  • Avebury/Stonehenge,
  • Lord Metatron,
  • Alchemy of the Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Dimensions,
  • Heaven’s Gate,
  • The Moses Codes,
  • Going with the Flow.
  • Your Ego Is Your Amigo,
  • Yin and Yang,
  • Falling Down Ladders.
  • Karmic Loop,
  • Wrong Fork In The Road,
  • Unmasked,
  •  Releasing the Veil,
  • Prophets Return,
  • Fear of Exposure,
  •  Unleash the Magic,
  • Angels and Demons,
  • Not Your Doormat,
  •  Polar Opposites,
  • Inner Guru,
  • Bleeding Heart,
  • Loving What Is,
  • Defragmentation and Laser Focus




VALUE: $197