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Empowered Healers Program

A three-month in-depth release of all deadbeat energies,
belief systems, psychic imprints, stuck emotions
affecting your business to be crystallized and manifested
in the energies of the 5th ( and higher) world of peace,
prosperity, self-expression, and sovereignty…Week 1Video 1 – Introduction to course and initial teaching

Tamra opens by promising to:

Kick your butts

Help you shift a lot of belief systems

That at times you’re not going to like her… and blame her for all of your crap.

Tamra guarantees that you’ll be completely different in three months by the end of the course.

Goes on to teach about future readings and that when someone shifts timelines. What you told them in a future reading was for the timeline they were in, and if they shift timelines it’s no longer true for them. Encourages each on to listen to the videos again and again as it’s like a spiral. Each time you listen you’re a different person picking up different things. The tools in the class support you… the guided meditation, the manifestations, and the
clearings so you can and will take action. Congratulates everyone for showing up.

Video 2 – Clearings

Clearing on anger and resentment toward the planet. Clearing on the fear of being a leader who is well known in the world.

In this clearing she takes you through many scenarios, clearing each one. She also shares from her own experience how some who are well known also came to her as though she didn’t know anything… to prepare others for this if or when it happens… clearing that too.

This is a very comprehensive clearing session that helps prepare you for what’s ahead for you as an empowered healer.

Video 3 – Questions and Answers and More TeachingJust a few things from this part of the class: Everybody’s a player in your video game to help you work through your belief
systems. You’re never a victim. We’ve gotta be okay with being recognized and being seen and being heard… and people screaming your name and people treating you like a guru. You have to be okay with people looking up to you.

Video 4 – Follow up at end of this classThis is a brief video that includes a few comments and feedback from the class participants before this week’s class ends.

Video 2Video 1 – Questions and answers, comments and shares, and talks about more clearingsOnce questions are answered, Tamra begins with:
“You’ve got to do what brings you connection… you’ve got to do what brings you joy.
Just don’t copy another something because you think that’s the way it should be, or
that’s the way it should look, or that’s the way you should show up. You have to be
authentic; you have to be you.”
In this she goes further to talk about the beliefs so many have over assistants and how, for the empowered leader, those need to be cleared. There are also general beliefs about business that so many healers hold that also need to be cleared. Along with that, the general belief in being a victim that many have buried within them also needs to be cleared. She shares from her own business experiences and lessons that she’s learned the hard way, which has helped her learn how to help others who who wish to become empowered healers.

Video 2 – Energy Clearings and ActivationTamra begins by asking everyone to:
“Focus on whatever’s been in your thought process as I’ve been talking.
It’s important to be able to see people for who they are.”
With that the clearings begin, all having to do with being able to run a business from a healed place, more effectively, more efficiently, and from a place of trust in those you’ve hired.

Video 3 – Q&A, commentsQuestion to clarify one of Tamra’s passing remarks in the previous video.

Video 4 – Guided MeditationIn this guided meditation, Tamra has each one visualize themselves as the conductor of an orchestra making beautiful music with one another as each one conducts the musicians. She encourages each one to see, feel, and hear what’s taking place. This powerful guided meditation takes you into a place of greater awareness and helps you see you as the empowered leader of the business aspect of your work as an empowered healer.

Video 3 Part 1 – Opening Comments, Questions, and Initial Teaching

This section begins with questions, one from a student who listens to the replays over and over again. Each time she does she says that something new sinks in. Tamra tells her to keep listening. The student also commented on the synchronicities that play out when you just show up.

Another student remarked that advances in her husband’s life have happened since she’s been listening to the material at night while in bed with her husband as they go to sleep.

Tamra begins teaching in the beginning of week three that it’s not about being attached to the outcome of anything or how things play out. She relates this to wanting to buy a house in the UK, but then realizing she needs to leave as her six month time is up. So instead of buying the house, and being attached to an outcome, she’s made other plans.

She also talks about how this work brings up a lot of energy that most will hold onto. For one student who told of his right shoulder pain, she mentioned that it’s about him being in overwhelm and somehow carrying the weight of the world.

In this week, Tamra’s impressed to focus more in depth in teaching about increasing each one’s psychic abilities.

She talks about how some who come to you may do so to get attention from you instead of wanting to heal themselves and cites examples of this in former anonymous clients and family members.

Some of these individuals can be the result of a contract. Releasing those from any past oaths, vows, contracts, or commitments helps stabilize and end such client or family relationships.

She also teaches that it’s important to only work on someone if they request, but also that not every request is genuine. With developed psychic abilities, one can discern this much better.

Filled with many examples and anecdotes, this first section is very powerful.

Video 2 – Activations

In part two Tamra runs activations on the students.

These activations include:

Body Parts (for those who were dealing with physical “stuff”), Weight of the World, Disconnect from Disease Consciousness, 13 Chakras, Avebury/Stonehenge, Lord Metatron, Alchemy of the Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Dimensions, Heaven’s Gate, The Moses Codes, and Going with the Flow.

A lot of energy is run during this part of the class.

Video 3 – Homework Assignment

In this brief section, Tamra begins by asking the students how they want to be of service to the world, stressing that, “It’s not all about you. If you just focus on it being all about you, you won’t do anything.”

Next Tamra gives the students an assignment to be done before the next class. These are quick writing exercises, timed, that are three minutes each.

These questions are:

What kind of difference do you want to make in the world?

What kind of things do you desire in your life?

What kind of improvements do you want in your relationships?

Three minutes is all you need so you don’t over think the answers, but come from your heart.

Video 4 – Guided Meditation

In this section Tamra takes the class into a guided meditation to find out their purpose and why they decided to come to this planet this time.

She explains that two days previous in her own hypnosis session that she received a message that, “You’re getting a little lost. Get back on track… mindfulness.” So she knows from that experience to help the students with that as well.

In this guided meditation, she takes the students to the Akashic records where they connect with their council where they will learn from those who meet them why they decided to come here and what each one wanted to learn.

Video 5 – Final Question, Answer, and Comment session

This final part of this week’s class begins with a question and answer session. After receiving activations, and being going through a guided meditation, there are more than likely a lot of comments and questions to field.

The first one is a student who asks why she is jumping from modality to modality without staying at any one for very long. While Tamra said that she could not answer that specifically for the student, she said that in her own case, she found that if a modality didn’t resonate with her, she’d adopt what did resonate with her and move on. She further shared with the student to not worry about this, also adding that part of this is taking responsibility and action.

After some time another student remarks that Tamra may have noticed that everyone in the class was quiet because the energy that had been run had kicked everyone in the butt.

Laughingly, Tamra states that she told them at the beginning of the course that she was going to kick their butts.

Another student says that she didn’t get anything from the guided meditation… no message. Tamra simply replied with, “Don’t get frustrated. Just do it again.” She goes on to share her own story with the class about how she had a similar experience in the beginning. She relates this to become competent at anything… it all takes practice.

Before the end of this week’s class, she again reminds the students of their homework and wishes them all a lovely, beautiful week.

Video 4Part 1- Beginning Exercise Tamra opens this week with an exercise to help the participants show up. This part is only 4 minutes long.

Video 2 – Teaching

Tamra begins this section by talking about her co-hosting an event in Glastonbury just before returning to the states.

She then reviews her opening statement to the group:
“I’m not your guru. Don’t put me in that position. You have the power within to do everything. Don’t make me responsible for your changes… they’re your changes. And you have the power to do them and line up with them. I’m a facilitator in service to God and in service to you.”

Then has a rather involved discussion about this statement:

“It’s all about being in the heart and living in the heart. Mirrors…”

This part of Week 4 is very powerful and one to listen to many times over.

Video 3 – Clearings

In this section, Tamra begins by telling the participants about the six-pointed star, then runs the Seed of Life activation, relating it to the six-pointed star as it’s sacred geometry.

After running this amidst teaching, she then runs the Spiritual Ego activation.

This is a powerful clearing to listen to again and again.

Video 4 – Homework Assignment

Draw out your six-pointed star.

Starting with point one, at the top, and following around, begin with 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years.

What do you see your life like at these intervals?

She stresses that part of this is taking action… you have to take action.

She completes the section by saying: “Connect to your six-pointed star and look at it for 30 seconds every day, ten times a day… or even 7 seconds, if you can’t spare more.”

Video 5 – Questions, Answers, and Discussion

One question of faith and fear of trusting that she is trusting the right source.

Trust your heart, is Tamra’s reply.

Tamra then runs the False Prophets activation on the class.

This helps especially clear out Twilight Workers who pretend they want to help you, but really want to hurt you and steal your energy.

But these experiences are teaching us.

Tamra has a powerful moment of teaching in this part of the session.

Tamra and Bianca discuss the six pointed star exercises… one for change and one for creation.

The questions and the answers in this part are very powerful and worth the time to take in.

Video 5Part 1 – Introduction and Initial Teaching

Tamra begins this week by telling the participants:

“This is all about getting you in your power so you can show up.”

A few students have great stories that they can share about this very thing. Among them:

Patricia… has noticed a huge increase in clients, in sales, and a huge increase in interest in what she’s doing with light language and things like that… and an increase in prosperity. She simply needs help with her reinvesting aspect of business.

Another offered a testimonial of sorts about working with Tamra… how she is guided and was always clear that the two were in it together… there wasn’t a hierarchy, and that was appreciated.

This first section of week 5 is filled with good things from both students and Tamra.

Video 2 – Teaching about clearings

In this section, Tamra begins by talking about a very synchronistic moment in England when four people who originally met one another in Egypt, met again at a crop circle in England.

Then she starts to go through the activations that need to be run, beginning with:
Your Ego Is Your Amigo, then Yin and Yang, Falling Down Ladders.

She then admonishes students with this:
Stop trying to fit in and be normal. We came here to shine and to show up. We came here to serve.

She concludes this with the Pillar of Light exercise.

All in all, this is filled with a lot of teaching.

Video 3 – A brief section… discussion

Video 4 – ActivationsWeakest Link, Yin and Yang, Your Ego Is Your Amigo as well as clearing the attachment to having certain recurring circumstances over and over again.

Video 5 – Closing out the Session

Asks for shares…

Joanne shares that she was trained by Delores Cannon… and got in more quickly than most students. Talked about her experience with Delores Cannon as a student.

Closes out the week. Talks about conducting an upcoming Sacred Activations hypnosis class.

Video 6Part 1 – Teaching, Discussion, and Call for any activations the class would likeMy Prayers Move Mountains, Karmic Loop, Wrong Fork In The Road, Unmasked, Releasing the Veil, Prophets Return, Fear of Exposure, Unleash the Magic, Angels and Demons, Not Your Doormat, Polar Opposites, Inner Guru, Bleeding Heart, Loving What Is, Defragmentation and Laser Focus, Your Ego Is Your Amigo are the names that come up.

Video 2 – Clearing

The activations listed in part one are run in this part, along with:

You Are Enough

Falling Down The Ladder

Knowing Thyself

Healthy Boundaries

Video 3 – Continuation

Continued from the previous… continue connecting with your inner guru, teaching people how to fish, not giving them fish. What good does that do? Allowing yourself to show up as the amazing, magnificent teacher you are. Allowing yourself to know that you’re no better or no less than anybody else, but that you’re extremely important as you are, who you are, and where you are, right here, right now.

Connecting to that higher knowledge that self-love is love for all.

Self-love is service to the All.

Pillar of Light exercise… be that pillar of light and know that this is who you truly are.

Video 4 – Ending section

Expressing gratitude for each participant.

You have the power within… you are your guru.

Reviewing upcoming programs and the status of private sessions.


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