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F*ck Disease and Cancer Master Webinar

Video 1Hi Everyone – This class is F*ck disease and cancer! and it’s really interesting.
I mean I deal a lot with a lot of people that get sick and a lot of people heal and some people pass on. I know it’s their choice and they’re gonna die, and sometimes it’s a plan with their family, for the family growth that they’re gonna die. It brings me to Brian Weiss’ story, an amazing past life therapist, and he was a doctor. When he lost his son, he became a psychologist or a psychiatrist, because of that moment, and it opened up a whole new world.
So I want to share that with you today to help you get through whatever you’re going through, because again you get so emerged in the belief systems in the control of whatever it is, it’s hard to see beyond that, or past that, or to know the truth of it, because you’re so locked into it.
Activations/Deactivations included but not limited to;

  • Anger and resentment
  • Self Judgment
  • Overwhelm
  • Loss of control
  • Loss of Life Force
  • Total Body Connection
  • Escape
  • Choose/Un-choose your Disease
  • Side Effects From Treatment or Disease 2This video is a guided meditation.
And we can call this God, we can call this universal energy, we can call this source energy or whatever resonates with you, and I was just shown this vision to bring you into like the hand of God. The first time I experienced sitting in this hand I was getting a DNA Activation I don’t know 25 plus years ago, and the facilitator told me to go above my body and I went and sat in this hand.
So we’re going to invite you to do the same thing, and it could also be like in the eye of God but you’ve got the support of this hand, that is supporting you during this and it’s really big, it’s comfortable – It’s comfy it’s pliable – so if you want to lean back on it, you can.
So what I’m going to do is invite you to go into Mother Earth, and then I’m going to count to 21, the doors of the elevator are going to open and you’re going to find yourself in this space. This is something you can use on a daily basis when you’re ready to go to sleep or something, and actually just fall asleep in that space and wake up feeling amazing.
And you’re just going to let go of any need to figure anything out, and then just allow this healing to happen to your body.

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