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Part 1 – Webinar Introduction:

In the opening of the webinar Tamra reviews the activations that will be run during this webinar:

Total Body Connection
Star Seed
Diamond DNA
Galactic Federation
And a guided meditation.


Part 2 – Star Seed activation:

This activation opens up your communication with your brothers and sisters from other planets, or your family. It’s an expansion activation.


Part 3 – Diamond DNA:

This activation is going to do is light up your DNA, installing and activating the diamond energy within your DNA, and also diamond energy in your heart. What is going to happen with this is, you know how powerful the energy that diamonds hold? You’ll also be able to hold this. It’ll also help increase your intuition, your knowingness, and also your awareness of yourself, and your ability to love yourself and others. The Diamond DNA also activates your higher awareness of other realities also running within you at the same time.


Part 4 – Galactic Federation activation:

This activation allows you to connect with your star families.


Part 5 – Stargate activation:

This activation is going to connect a portal for you so that you can easily go through these portals and visit different planets, and visit your home planet.


Part 6 & 7– Intro to the Guided Meditation and the Guided Meditation:

This guided meditation is to help you go to your home planet. It’s an intuitive guided meditation so you can spend your time and do what you need to do and receive the information you need to receive without being told what it’s supposed to look or be like.

Part 6 Video

Part 7 Video​

Part 8 – Total Body Connection activation 8

This activation allows you to totally and completely come into your body and be able to be present. After this activation you may actually feel like you’re walking in your feet for the first time in your life.


Part 9 – Closing comments and upcoming events:

Announcing the new books, Out of the Mind Matrix and Timelines and Parallel Universes, the coupon deal for buying any of the books and leaving a review of it. Also the upcoming webinars and trainings into the early Fall of 2019.


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