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It is about your immune system, your food emotions, addictions with food, and install the right choices for you in the right choice

JUNE 23 | 8:00 AM PST

What is Food and Health Webinar about?

When we get into spirituality, many believe we’re supposed to be 
vegetarians, that’s a collective consciousness belief. That could not work for you, so we’ll be clearing that out to you. 
You’re eating really what works for your body, not what other people tell you, you should be eating

We’ll be clearing out the environmental toxins from the food and and from yourselves, because those toxins get locked in yourselves and it’s hard to lose weight when you have all those toxins in.

We’ll be working on clearing that and viruses, bacteria and fungus, their belief systems, our attachments to them. We’ll be going through allergies and gut health. I want to help you with what I’ve learned and help you get through that.

This is gonna be a really super powerful day, we’re going to give you some bonus activations that you can do before the class if you haven’t done it before. This live webinar will be recorded and you will be able to listen to it anytime and it will continually shift you and help you make the right choices.

I look forward to connecting with you on this very, very empowering important call

10-25 Activations





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