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Food & Health Masterclass 2021

Welcome to the Health Webinar!

We’re going to cover so much this is a masterclass – About the radiation, the toxins, bacterias and viruses. And so much more, plus your body knows what it needs for food

– For some humans, vegetarianism works for you, and some humans need animal protein. So you can’t get caught up in the collective consciousness belief systems that you shouldn’t kill animals to eat. If a cat or a dog doesn’t eat meat, they’re going to die.

We’re also going to look at allergies with food. 

They’re all belief systems and we plug into them. They’re all a vibration, and they get thrown at you when it’s a collective consciousness belief system. 

We’re clearing out programs out of the collective consciousness, when we’re unplugging from them we’re unplugging 1000s millions of people at the same time.


Acitvations/De-Activations included but not limited to;

• Anger and resentment

• Disconnect from disease consciousness

• For your genes

• Healthy boundaries

• Not your food source

• Clearing yourselves of all the toxins

• Clearing viruses and bacteria

• Clearing out food addictions

• Self sabotage

• Overwhelmed

• Food as comfort

• God hates us all

• Attachments to viruses/bacteria

• Radiation
•You have to get sick in order to change your food addictions


Video 1

This is a guided meditation to connect with all aspects of your body, imagining nutrients and vitamins flowing through your body and clearing everything from toxins and bacteria.

Video 2

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