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Things Have to get Worse Before
they get Better Deactivation

How many times have we heard “things have to get worse before they get better”?
“You have to hit rock bottom”?
That’s the collective consciousness of us all – people have to get sick before they get healthy, you have to go broke before you get a job – Or whatever that is for you. We don’t need to do that – so focus on anyway in your life, within you, or what you see in the world where things have to get worse before they get better and
we will clear that out and unplug you from the programme.

Alchemy of the 5th dimension

We are in the 5th dimension, those filters from the 3rd dimension are just crumbling, we can’t hang onto it anymore. In the 5th Dimension; our thoughts, feelings and emotions are creating this world and we are manifesting super fast because the filters of the 3rd dimension are no longer there.

Glass Ceiling Deactivation

We set limits on ourselves, on our money on everything including our health, relationships and all kinds of experiences. When we get there we don’t go past that or if we do go past that we bring ourselves back down to that level because it’s what we’re used to. How about we blow up those limitations of our energy and what we can experience, or how much joy we can have or how much abundance we can have. Let’s let that go, think about your glass ceiling and let’s shatter it,
let’s open you up and stop stopping yourselves.