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Heaven and Hell Akashic Records Training (2021)

Day 1
Day 2
Day 1

Hi, Welcome to Heaven and Hell in the Akashic Records. 

Death is a beautiful thing. That means you are done with your mission, you learned what you’re supposed to learn, and you taught what you’re supposed to teach. 

There is no accident in death.

There should be no sorrow in death, except celebration like somebody graduated college with honours. That’s the message of death. That’s the message of leaving the video game.

Activations Included but not limited to;

  • God Speaks to Me,
  • Healthy Boundaries within myself,
  • The understanding of I am everything,
  • Separation of Self,
  • Pain be gone
  • God has power. 
  • Everything God does, you can do. 
  • I am that I am


Video 1

You guys are pioneers and by doing this class, you are going to help others in the future, others in your society and in your world to connect with these truths. As you do this, you bring this in for the collective consciousness, you anchor this in for millions of people around the world. When this diversity is gone, the illusion is gone. That is where you are going. You are the pioneers bringing peace on earth.

Includes A Guided meditation into the Fourth Dimension of Heaven and Hell.

Video 2

Hey everybody, how are you doing? 

So I want to know, how was it? 

What was your experience? 

What did you see when you’re in heaven? 

What did you see when you were in Hell?

Who wants to share?

Go ahead.

Participants share their experiences and ask questions. 

Tamra discusses the next break out room, and you’re going to go talk to the past-on loved ones and bring back messages. There might be spirit guides and angels that show up there too, in those spaces with you.


Video 3

A break out room session where Judit, Yuri and Nilini  connect with Past-on loved ones for each other and bring back messages.

Video 4

Everybody, welcome back. 

This planet is so amazing and so much fun, think about what you’re experiencing.

Which way are you looking at life? Which way are you looking at things? 

Here’s a polar bear that catches a seal and is able to feed its pups. Right? On the other end of that, that poor seal, he just got eaten by a polar bear.

There’s always a duality and stuff like that. So think about that. 

So we also are going to do a process today on timelines and parallel universes because some people have reincarnated through hell over and over again. So why not change that and change it to the programme where they went to heaven? See the alternative life.

So you’re going to be in a room with one to two people at the max, and you are going to ask to be shown a past life that would assist your client or your partner in shifting things in their life.


Video 5

“The Masters of Heaven, the Masters of this Universe, we are with you today as guides. We are meeting you and joining you where you go. Some call me Jesus, some curse me, some don’t believe in me and some make me their God. Silly humans don’t you know we’re all the same? Didn’t I once say that you will do this and greater? 

Did I not make wine at my wedding?

 Why are you stopping yourself?

 I’m here to help you, and any master that you find fits your profile and who you would like to work with. Not even though you knew you’d want to work with them are happy to assist you”


Also includes a guided meditation into the fourth dimension


Video 6

This video contains the participants sharing their experiences of rht guided meditation into the fourth dimension.

Video 7

Day 2

Welcome to day two of Heaven and Hell Akashic Records. Wow, how’s everybody doing? 

Yesterday wasn’t anything I planned, and it went sideways with super powerful shifts.

So to show you what we’re going through, people around us are going through too you know, they’re getting the energy and they’re getting all the shifts as we are.

But you’ve got to be kind to them because, you know, they don’t know what you just processed and they could be reacting to how you’re acting. 

All the knowledge is there for us. Our readiness to accept the knowledge.

It takes time to recognise really how it shifted you.

Participants share their experiences of the previous evening after the class had finished.

Video 1

More participants get to share their experiences and Tamra also shares a bit about herself too.

Video 2

The first thing I want you guys to do is; you’re going to break up in pairs and I want you to do a reading from that person’s past-on loved one or friend, whoever shows up for them, and you’re going to bring them information. Come back in an hour and make sure you take a 15 minute break. All right. Have fun

Video 3

A break out room with Ella, Amy and Izzie. They take it in turns to to a reading for each other on a past-on loved one of their choice.

Video 4

All right, everybody, welcome back. How are you doing? How is your first process of the day?
Participants share their experiences of the previous break out room.

What I said about the graveyards and stuff. There’s a lot of people that are in limbo. They’re afraid to go to heaven. They don’t know to go through the Central Sun and going into the white light is a reincarnation line.
They don’t know how to do that.
They’re afraid to do that.
They won’t go forward.
You know, so you can work with those souls and clear their trauma, and their fears and to tell them and teach them that it’s okay to go. That only judgement itself judge and clear their judgement of themselves and their fear and their overwhelm.

Video 5

So what you’re going to do next is connect with one of your past-on loved ones and they are going to bring messages through to your partner. 

I want you to start feeling the connection of your past-on loved ones because it’s a different vibration than somebody else’s, because you have a connection with them. 

It’s just like working on someone else, it’s easier than working on yourself, or giving a reading for someone else, it’s easier than giving a reading for yourself because the filters aren’t there. So if you’re doing a reading for someone else from one of your ancestors/ guides, that will really help you with that connection to be able to do it, even for yourself.


Video 6

A break out room with Yuir, Izzie and Judit where they each contact their own pasted-on loved one to bring messages through for others.

Video 7

Hi, Welcome back, everybody, how are you doing? 

Who would like to share? Who channelled an ancestor message for someone and it was also a reflection of information they needed?

Messages from the other side can absolutely be helpful for clients, because the clients are the ones grieving, the ones that left aren’t grieving. They’re fine with it and usually their message is to comfort the person that’s still here, for whatever level they’re at


I have a process for you. You know how you go into the fourth dimension? Or you go into the Akashic Records? This time you’re going to go into the eye of God. 

Anybody can talk to God. 

For five sessions, we have been talking to everybody but God. It’s time to talk to God.  


Participants also share their experiences of the previous breakout room.


Video 8

Break out room with Bianca, Yuir and Roxann where they channeled messages from the eye of God.

Video 9

Hi, everybody, welcome back. So how was your conversation with God?

So what’s on your what’s on your plan? What are you planning on?

So how about if you connect with your partner, and you’re going to do a God reading.

God is going to tell you what’s in your timeline in your future, and if you don’t like it, you’re going to change it right then and there. Ask God to put a better programme in your future timeline, and then when you’ve replaced that, then I want you to do a new reading.

Participants also share their experiences of the previous break out rooms.


Video 10

A break out room with Daniela and Carla where they do God readings on each other.

Class ends.


Video 11

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