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If I were President Activation

What would you do if you were President? How would you act? Would you be evil and take advantage of people or would you try to help the people? What would you do?
What about your judgments of the Presidents? Whoever they are or whoever they might be…
Also, we create all of this! Aren’t we good? We have created some chaos, although there has been chaos for years, but it is now starting to shift and we will get through it as we are the creators of this world, we just need to focus on peace, love, joy and happiness.
So with this activation or deactivation; I want you to think about what you would do if you were president, would you be good, would you be evil, think about that.
Anything you are uncomfortable about or what you are judgemental about and let’s let that go..
Let’s bring in all the really good ideas that you do have for people and the good things that you want to see changed – so let’s get that plugged in after we’ve cleared out all the rest.
Wherever you are in the world and whatever is going on with your Presidents; let’s let go of any judgements that you have because we don’t want to recreate any of that negative energy, we want to rise above it and make it all perfect.


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