Soon it will be “normal” again.

In the normal rut

The “normal” frustration

The “normal” feeling of not achieving what you thought you would have by


The “normal” trying things that just are not right for you

The “normal” wasn’t really working anyway was it?

Are you afraid of the world affairs and what’s going on around you?

That “normal”?

Screw that

You can sense it

You can feel it

You just know it, there is more to life than “normal”

Where is the peace, the love, the joy, abundance, and health for you

and your loved ones?

Does anybody care? The world doesn’t care. I do care.

It’s been an interesting year, a difficult one for many, many people. Personally I

manifested one of the best years of my life, but I do know how you feel.


I was married with children and I was married with children and living the dream; but it wasn’t my dream. One day it was all gone.

Single mom, all alone, losing cars and homes. A high school dropout with dyslexia.

Yeah, I understand.

I felt the frustration, the pain, the desire without the knowledge. So been there, Done With That, I had enough.

I was frustrated and looking for help. I took many of the major programs, I paid thousands of dollars that I did not have and spent many weeks of my time and even months trying to improve my life.

I became a Master in them, reaching teacher status, but things were not changing fast enough for me.

Not nearly. So I go to all these trainings, seminars, events and I would be all pumped up and excited but within a few days or a few weeks that would all disappear and I would go back to the way I was, does this make sense to you?

Have you ever had this happen? …

These amazing systems just do not change most people for long; Why? It’s because 95% of our lives are spent running on our subconscious programming and the majority of those other systems do not change your subconscious programming, thus no long-term change.

My life changed forever in 2012 when I found myself in England with $200 to my name, no credit card, no job. I asked source energy what I am doing here?

I was told to go to the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and there I received my  first activation. 

I stayed in Europe for 8 months, connecting with source energy and many masters like Lord Metatron came to teach me.

Every time I needed money a client would book a session with me…

My client sessions were transformed; what used to take weeks and months,

or they would get little change were now working fast! Really Fast.

I was shocked, but it kept happening.

Testimonial after testimonial came in almost daily. Clients called to tell me  how their life is completely different after just one or a few sessions…


I started teaching people how to use Sacred Activations and spent 8 years traveling and learning…. Mastering this amazing gift called Sacred Activations and today there are over 700 practitioners spread throughout the world and I have been fortunate to help many thousands more.

I’m proud to have published 9 books, not allowing dyslexia to get in my way.

I’m an Amazon International Best Seller and one of my books was voted  Book of the Year by International Best Publishing Awards.

I have been a Keynote Speaker at great events, such as Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, 5D events in Las Vegas leading me to have been interviewed 100’s of times.

And more . . .


Oh, about my year. I found myself in Florida where I somehow became connected to an old boyfriend of mine, from a far different time, from a far different place, dating 24 years ago in Los Angeles. Well two weeks after we started dating again, we entered lockdown together.

Three months later we were waking up to the waves in Mexico.

I manifested myself to a beachfront casa in the Yucatán, Mexico!

Get your head around that!

We are awakened to the waves in the morning and enjoy our coffee with the hummingbirds. We have staff that live on the property- seriously!

In their own casa. Dishes re-appear in the cabinet cleaned, trash disappears, bottled water is just there, fresh sheets every Wednesday and never have to clean the cat box!

When we go shopping, we have driver, thus making even shopping tolerable for my boyfriend.

Thanks Eva, our house-manager just delivered me a fresh coconut from our tree as I look out into the ocean from my office.

Life is amazing!

All of us are creators. You are a powerful creator

I will change your belief systems to alter your subconscious and stop sabotaging yourself and start creating YOUR Paradise.

YOU create the entire world for you, Your finances, Your sickness,

Your relationships, YOU create Your good or Your bad.

Let us help you manifest better relationships, better abundance, better health and a better world around you. Are you ready for that?

Are you ready to shift fast and I mean Super-Fast? Let’s go!

Join me in a new Mastermind Group utilizing Energy Metaprograms to manifest our dreams into reality.

JOIN me and people from all over the world, who will support you and know you can create whatever you desire in this world and in your life.

I am here to help you utilizing Sacred Activations.

The best way I can describe it is that I have the knowledge on how to rewrite /change your subconscious programming, to literally alter / enhance / your blueprint of the world.

I connect to Source Energy and run Metaprograms to reprogram your subconscious response system.

Through running Activations, I give you the self-replicating energy that goes through all of your subconscious programming and rewriting your old code and upgrading your operating system.

Get what I am saying here? …

You can try really hard to state your desires and they will not manifest or they will not stay if you are not changing you programming. . . .. . .Trust me I have tried for years, I would manifest something amazing in my life, but I would sabotage it with my negative subconscious thoughts… it would all go away again…

See we are just like computers and to operate coming to this earth we are given  programs so we can work and then we pick up many other programs from our family, from the news, from our towns and we start running them also, then we FIND we are locked into fear, into suffering, into disease. Into limiting.

So what I am saying here, is I delete limiting programs and replace them with supportive programs.

Your life starts changing Magically, In a couple of weeks you will start noticing changes in your self-talk, in your interactions with others, you will start seeing things just happen for you magically…

You wake up happy. Bad days become less and less as time goes on.

You will look back a year from now and say WOW am I different.

The Sacred Activations continue working with you and rewriting these programs like a programmer for days weeks even months and you find your life better and better and better.

I am here to help you, I know how to change your subconscious programming.

You are a powerful creator. Let’s create.

Tamra-Abby Lights
Tamra-Carnack France
Tamra-Stone Hedge Orbs
Tamra-Stone Hedge
Tamra-smoke aura
Tamra-Mont Shasta
Tamra-Light in Heart Chakra
Tamra-Egyp Orbs

I want to help you live your best life and I do that with consistent support from people all over the world.

Every week connecting with you and changing your subconscious programming to that of Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness.

This in turn brings to you what you desire and the peace love joy and happiness begins to flow and show up in your life.

Join me and others, people like you from all over the World, who are manifesting Your lives, to create Your dreams and  transform them into Your reality, a much improved Normal. People who understand how working with a support system helps you transform your manifestations at a Magical rate.

We will be meeting every week where we will connect and delete the negative programming that is running your life, I will be sharing story time connecting you with some of my favorite books to inspire you. I will be connecting with special guest to help you expand even more.

As another added support function in help, you change very fast, we offer you a special VIP worthy private board, only accessible by members, were you will post your desires and everyone in the group will be knowing for you and your manifestations is happening magically for you.

JOIN ME and many people from all over the world ready to create a live we love

This type of class would normally cost at least $1,000 per month and often much more.

My new and better Normal says we make this a donation-based program.

You decide what to pay.

Where will part of the donations go?

We will be giving back 10% of the donations every month will be awarded as voted upon by you, the donors!

The Top 3 monthly manifestors will get receive a cash prize directly to your paypal account to help you celebrate your success!

10% of the donations goes directly to local charitable projects.

We are creating a Healing & Training Sanctuary that has cenotes and a lake here in the Yucatan, where you can come and grow and change your life.

We are working with local Mayans to ensure this is a spiritual and environmental success.