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Soon it will be “normal” again.

In the normal rut

The “normal” frustration

The “normal” feeling of not achieving what you thought you would have by now

The “normal” trying things that just are not right for you

The “normal” wasn’t really working anyway was it?

Are you afraid of the world affairs and what’s going on around you?

That “normal”?

Screw that

You can sense it

You can feel it

You just know it, there is more to life than “normal”

Where is the peace, the love, the joy, abundance, and health for you and your loved ones?


Does anybody care? The world doesn’t care. I do care.


It’s been an interesting year, a difficult one for many, many people. Personally I

manifested one of the best years of my life, but I do know how you feel.


I was just like you…

I was married with children and I was married with children and living the dream; but it wasn’t my dream. One day it was all gone. Single mom, all alone, losing cars and homes. A high school dropout with dyslexia.

Yeah, I understand.

I was frustrated and looking for help. I took many of the major programs, I paid thousands of dollars that I did not have and spent many weeks of my time and even months trying to improve my life.

I became a Master in them, reaching teacher status, but things were not changing fast enough for me.

Not nearly. So I go to all these trainings, seminars, events and I would be all pumped up and excited but within a few days or a few weeks that would all disappear and I would go back to the way I was, does this make sense to you?

Have you ever had this happen?

My life changed forever in 2012

when I found myself in England with $200 to my name, no credit card, no job.

I asked source energy what I am doing here? I was told to go to the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland and there I received my first activation.

I stayed in Europe for 8 months, connecting with source energy and many masters like Lord Metatron came to teach me.

Every time I needed money a client would book a session with me…


My client sessions were transformed; what used to take weeks and months, or they would get little change were now working fast! Really Fast.

I was shocked, but it kept happening.
Testimonial after testimonial came in almost daily. Clients called to tell me how their life is completely different after just one or a few sessions…


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