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Week 1 – Lord Metatron Activation

  • This is the first Activation I ever received.
  • I call it the Lord Metatron because that’s what he told me to call it.
  • This energy is said to activate your DNA and on the planet at this time up to 18 strands is being fully awake and is as far as we can go.
  • We can expand up to 18 strands of DNA although this isn’t going to bring you from where you’re at now to 18 strands in one day, that’s impossible,
  • It is an evolution- it’s an expansion- and it will keep expanding you and it will keep working with you.
  • This activation takes about 3-weeks to integrate so at that level when things calm down, do it again. We’re here to enjoy, expand and love so relax and enjoy.


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