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Love Yourself/Self-Love Webinar

Part 1 – Welcome Note

Tamra welcomes you to the webinar and talks about relationships, connections, love, her friend Vickies, and her recent journey.


Part 2 – Q and A and Comments

Tamra asks for questions or sharing from participants.

Gratitude expressed for her honest, open, raw, authentic sharing.

Experiences of suicide being shared.

Tamra openly talks about her son and his experiences with addiction and finally being ready to stop the cycle in his life.

Also talks about so many who run away from their feelings. Instead of drugs… use love.


Part 3 – Self Sacrifice

To begin, Tamra asks the following questions:

Who do you sacrifice yourself for? Your family? Your religion? Your country? Your bloodline? Your loved ones? What are you sacrificing yourself for?

Then she makes the following statement:

It doesn’t do anybody any good to sacrifice yourself and to give up your self worth.

This activation, as all others in this webinar, will clear you out of the collective subconsciousness of self sacrifice. It will also clear all your timelines, genetics, past and future lives, and current life.

Now just connect and think about how you self sacrifice.


Part 4 – Crucifixion Deactivation

Tamra begins this part by asking these questions:

Have you ever heard that term before? Ever felt like you’re being crucified? Have you allowed others to crucify you? Do you know how many healers are plugged into crucifixion? Or that if they speak their truth they’ll be murdered? How many natural doctors in the last year have been killed for their discoveries, for their honesty, for their reality? People who perform miracles that bring peace to the world are murdered, they’re crucified.

Then she continues by calling this to the attention of the participants:

Jesus did the inner work and he was killed for it. He allowed them to do that, but he resurrected, because you can’t die unless you want to die. Nobody can take your life unless you want it to happen… you have to agree to leave this planet. You don’t leave until you’re ready. He resurrected to show you ‘if I can do it, you can do it.’ That religious bullshit about crucifixion keeps you out of your power of who you truly are.

So let’s clear the energy of crucifixion off the planet.

We don’t have to play the game that way anymore. We are game changers. Let’s change the game, the energy of the planet to peace, love, joy, and happiness. If I can do it, you can do it!


Part 5 – Vickies Plays the Flute


Part 6 – Running Away From Your Feelings

Tamra begins this part by asking these questions concerning running away from your feelings:

What does that mean to you? How do you run away? How do you cover them up? How do you avoid them? How do you not listen to them?

Then Tamra makes these comments:

You know, I’ve been told that I’m a master. Well I’m a pretty good master at not listening to my feelings sometimes and ignoring signs.

Then she continues with these instructions before running the activation:

Think about that energy of running away from your feelings and not being able to be present with yourself… and avoiding what you feel and think… and honoring yourself.

(flute music plays for a while)

Once the flute has finished playing, Tamra continues by guiding the participants in a powerful sacred meditation.


Part 7 – I Am Not Your Doormat

Tamra begins this part with the following:

This activation has changed my life.

The more powerful we are in our energies, the more powerful a mirror we are for others. So when they try to destroy and attack you, they destroy themselves.

If someone destroys themselves, that’s not your responsibility. You remain in peace, love, joy, and happiness, and your enemies will destroy themselves.

Tamra then relates a very powerful personal experience concerning this activation.

She then continues with this caution:

With this power you hold within, if you find yourself wanting to destroy somebody, you better work on yourself, because you will destroy yourself. Any energy of hate or anger reflects back to you. So if you’re feeling anger or hate toward anyone, you need to clear that.

You are not responsible for anyone else and how or if they destroy their lives. When you’re in the energy of not being anybody’s doormat, you won’t be anybody’s doormat. You’ll be able to stand in your power and be who you are.

Think about any way that you are a doormat to anybody through business, family, health, religion, the world, your town….


Part 8 – Self-Love

Tamra begins this part by asking these questions:

How do we show up if we don’t love ourselves? How do we allow someone into our lives if we don’t love ourselves? Do you love yourself like a newborn baby… like a precious kitten or a puppy? Do you love all of your body parts? Do you love the way you look… the way you feel… the way the world sees you? How do you feel about the way the world sees you… what they reflect to you? How they judge you? How does that make you feel? Do you care? And if you care you’re not loving yourself.

She then continues with this teaching:

So this is about self-love. Discreating all the illusions of separation from self. The world is a movie and everybody’s actors in your play. So if they’re reflecting hate, judgment to you, and you’re accepting that, or even if they’re showing up with any of that, except love, you’re not totally loving yourself.


Part 9 – Affirmations

Repeating affirmations with Tamra.

Tamra experiences brief Internet difficulties… then returns.


Part 10 – Closing

Brief closing remarks for the webinar.


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