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Mary Magdalene, Isis and Lyra Webinar day 1

An introductory video introducing channeled messagesMary Magdalene – I am known as a hore and the sinner. I am divine feminine, I am a powerhouse of energy – but so are you, you just don’t know it yet. I have mastered my energy, I have mastered my ability to help you and you can too. Wherever you are in your evolution is perfect for you, stop judging yourself and start honouring yourself; For what you do in life and for who you are in life.
Lyra Council – We have been helping Tamra with Timelines and Parallel Universes and shifting into the Oneness. This process has taken Tamra about a year and a half. Knowing we are all one how does she channel the Lyra right? It’s aspects of her and you too will have aspects of this; it’s like talking to a cell in your body, talking to your lungs or the arms or your legs – it’s the same thing when talking to us and connecting to us. There is no difference – you don’t have to, your job is to create Heaven on Earth where you’re at.
God -This is Oneness. You are not separate from me, you are aspects of me. I am God which means; I am oneness, I am awareness, I am Infinity. You always blame me for everything, but you don’t understand; you have the power like I have, to create. You can create your World – these are your choices. I love you no matter what, I love you, you are an aspect of me. This world is your world, you’re creating anew, you are letting go of the past programs for the planet, deleting, redoing and repeating patterns or even what you’ve heard your profits say. Disconnect from those belief systems, you have the choice to create Heaven on Earth in your world. As you shift and change the whole world shifts and changes, the whole world is purging and you are a part of that shift you are the Creator and you can’t fight anything.
Isis – I am here to work with you with the pillar of light. we will be shooting the pillar of light up from mother Earth through the pyramids into the eye of God. I will be working with you to show you how to do this and Tamra will do an activation. gifts and activations will be brought in throughout today as weather now. We want you to understand that we are here to support you and we thank Tamra for allowing us to do this.

Video questions and answers video and Tamra shares her story of meeting Mary Magdalene and Isis from a previous experience.

Video Magdalena activation.
See your molecules being expanded it’s like a whole energy field with crystals spinning around the top of your head. This is an expansion of knowledge and understanding, integrating and connecting.

Video channeling from the Lyra High Council;
You are living scattered. Your energies, your past lives and your future lives,the energy in other universes and timelines. Your souls are scattered everywhere, it’s time to bring that all into the now, to be in your full power.
You are constantly trying to escape to other planets, higher beings.
Who Do You Think You Are? Stop putting energy outside of you.
We are here to help you do this, This is the beginning of a process, you can’t screw it up. For some of you this process will take a few years and for some of you is going to happen very fast.
We are going to be running this vibration and this special coding that is going to help collapse all timelines for you and bring everything into the now with the knowledge, and all doors being closed so that you’re not sending your energy back in there.

Video and questions video. An open conversation about participants’ experiences.

Video channeling from Isis – A Master teacher here to help and serve you- Includes;
Diamond Heart/DNA activation.- It’s like a grid system with diamonds on every crossing point. As it expands it flows into a pillar of light which is you. Your flower of life is activated with diamonds.

Video guided meditation bringing in messages from others.
A channelling from God – Includes but not limited to;
Heaven on Earth/Through Heaven’s Gate Activation – What is heaven for you? Life is amazing and let’s get that energy for you.A channeling from Lord metatron
DNA Activation; at activating your metatron cube wherever you are at .A channelling from Buddha- We bring you compassion and compassion for others.

Video and Answers Video.


Mary Magdalene, Isis and Lyra Webinar day 2

Introduction video – a reconnection video to link the 2 days of the webinar together also includes questions, answers and testimonials.

Video is the perfect example of love. God energy is absent from judgement. God energy is a pure source of love and oneness with all. God energy is every molecule on this planet and throughout the universe. You think you are alone in this universe, you think you are the only ones here. Do you have any idea how fast this is?. It is trillions and trillions of light years – if you were to travel the way that your mind thinks. I am here to help you live Heaven on Earth as that is how Heaven on Earth is created; through you, as you. This is who you are, were all judgement is self judgement. I invite you to let go of all your duality belief systems; the duality of men and women, the dualities of religions, cultures, countries and politicians and more.

Video channelling from Tamra’s Dad.
Dead Guys Rule- I am watching my daughter and I have so much fun connecting with and talking to her, and enjoying her showing up. I want to let her know that I am really proud of her and I am enjoying myself, thanking her for allowing me to connect here to you guys.
Life is to be enjoyed; you learn so much more out of happiness and joy, having fun with your friends – whatever that means.
You judge yourself so much on the spiritual path; when you can’t do this or you can’t do that, you can’t eat this and you can’t eat that. Eat what you want to eat, go and have fun, enjoy yourself. You guys judge yourself and judge others for anything they do, stop it! Have a good time, don’t worry about how your friends are voting or what their belief systems are. It doesn’t matter, enjoy your life, go places, do things, stop collecting things and go and do things.

Video Magdalene Channelling.
Yesterday we started working with the ball of energy- Imagine you have a ball of energy in the middle of your hands, connect to this ball of energy that’s inside your hands, you can feel it. Move your hands around it and you can feel the energy inside. As you continue to do this it will get stronger everyday. This energy is available for anybody you just have to ask, it is just pure of heart – this is granted to you. Use this ball of energy on any part of your body for healing or putting a protection around your house; just imagine your house inside the ball, imagine the world inside this ball and heal the World.

Video channelling from Isis.
I am a collective Consciousness Energy program. I am the soul that lived that life,this program of the life of Isis is available for everybody to learn from it and for you to be able to use your power. I am very strong in my knowing, in my power to create and to make mass changes easily, to manipulate energy into new forms. I invite you to start mastering your energy by mastering your pillar of light. See this energy flowing up and down like nutrients in a tree. flowing in and out and up and down. It is like a Matrix energy, it’s crystalline and you can see it moving, it’s very bright. If you keep witnessing this; it gets taller, stronger,deeper and brighter – it takes practice and it takes commitment.

Video a Heaven on Earth.
What is your Heaven on Earth? What does that mean for you? We don’t have to leave this place to find heaven, it’s already here. What brings you joy? This is about you. Of course; what brings you joy in the world also – but what brings you joy? not your cat, or your husband,or your wife, or your grandmother – what is your joy? What desire do you have in your heart that you really want to experience? So focus and all that and we’re going to create this blueprint of energy, within your energy field and we’re going to be popping in all these things, plug them in, new programmes or existing programs that we can expand.

Video channelling from the Lyra Council.
We brought in all your time lines and parallel universes – now we would like to explain a little bit more about what we did and to help you understand this process and to guide you in activating the gifts from the other lifetimes within your energy field and then completely shutting the door on all of them. Only bringing in the energy that was necessary and not sending any of that energy back into any of that. There is no time, future, past, we’re in a holodeck, playing this game out, or this experience. It is very real for us, it’s just an experience.
Closing down all the other holodecks of life experiences and leaving just one…When you are one within yourself you can play much more focused and more in your power. You do not lose anything or anybody by allowing yourself to be here and now now, all the other existence of who you are; is just a hologram and it’s all created for your experience.

A conclusion video of the weekends webinar.
This has been a lot of fun for me I haven’t done anything like this for 3 years it’s been a really good experience and I’ve learnt a lot
We are here to have fun, we are here to create our Heaven on Earth. We ran activation Heaven and Hell, the Duality – let that go.
You learnt how to use the pillar of light and you learn how to use the ball of light, what a wonderful class.


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