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Master Akashic Training Records (2021)

Day 1

Welcome to Akashic Records Master Practitioner training.
In this training, we will be going into the Akashic records and we will be working with the masters. This is working with your guides, angels and the masters of the universe.
These beings are here to assist you, they are not to be worshipped or put above you or put above God, or to be feared or anything like that.
They are here to assist you on your growth, and your understanding of the universe and the power you have within you. That’s what this is all about.

We’ll be going into the Akashic records, we’ll be sitting at the Masters roundtable we will be conversing with our guides, with our clients guides, their clients with different masters that are coming in.
We will be going into another room that has a healing table on it in it. This healing table is covered with jewels and crystals, and it’s in this gel type substance where it’s very comfortable and very healing. There’s the Sacred Geometry patterns that I cannot explain to you because I don’t see him on this planet. I just know they’re there and I know they’re beautiful and I know they’re powerful. I don’t need to know to be able to explain them to you or to understand that they work, you will be learning how to take your clients into the Akashic records, laying them on the healing table and seeing the guides and the angels and the Masters around them doing healing.

So this is really about honing in your skills, getting better at what you’re doing, a lot of practice, and a really amazing connection, so that you can get the information you desire. To be able to help your clients and help yourself live a better life. That’s what this weekend is all about. It’s getting better and better at what you do.

Video 1 again, I want to welcome you to master akashic records, practitioner training, I would like to take this opportunity to say hi to everyone, and let’s connect and find out where you’re from. And this group is going to be a group, you’ll be able to practice with people from all over the world here, all over the world. But there’s a lot. Yeah, I mean, you guys are scattered everywhere. And it’s really cool. So as a group, you can get together like monthly or weekly. In practice, there’s a special page for you guys, that one of the practitioners set up. And we’ll make sure you get invited to that this weekend.

Video 2

I’m going to take you on a guided meditation, and we’re going to go into the Akashic records and we’re going to go to the massive round table and there you are going to be receiving some activations from your guides, angels and masters. There could be 12 guides there. They can be mixed and matched between you know, angels guides mastered whatever. I mean, because when we come onto this planet, we have an angel that’s with us, right from the start. And we have a guide. Our guides can change, some can come in and some can come out. Same thing with angels. You can work with different angels in different times of your life and depending on what’s going on. But you always have a guardian angel, my guardian angel is named Sandy and she has yellow hair, like a cartoon character.

Video 3

The Guided Meditation.
I invite you to go into Mother Earth. Imagine that you can go all the way into Mother Earth’s heart.

Deep, deep deep in a matter of her majesty being mother Earth’s Heart Chakra, connecting into that beautiful unconditional love.

You feel this energy swirling around your body, lining you up relaxing you releasing any worries or fears.

And as you’re in this space breathing in and out, you’re just becoming more and more relaxed and more open. Even becoming hyper aware as you relax, you see an elevator door in front of you.
And you go inside this elevator door. When the elevator door closes, you see this button that says Akashic Records……

Video 4 welcome back everybody, what I’m going to be doing now is putting you in rooms. And what you’re going to be doing in the rooms I want, preferably three people per room. So that two are observing and giving answers to one person getting the reading. Because one person is going to get one thing, and another person is going to get another thing. So that person is going to be getting a double reading. How cool is that? So I’m going to give you guys an hour for this. And it’s going to be like a session

Video 5 room with Debs, Maria and Dee.

Video 6

Hi, everybody. Welcome back. So how was your first session? How did it go? Who would like to share?

The video follows on with participants sharing their experiences of the break out rooms, asking questions and Tamra answering and discussing more information.

Video 7 back from lunch;
So who would like to share what happened? How was it? Anything else you would like to add to what we’ve done so far?
The video follows on with participants sharing their experiences of the break out rooms, asking questions and Tamra answering and discussing more information. Some activations are run by Tamra, including Mirror Mirror.

Video 8 explains a bit about doing future readings for the next breakout room sessions.

Video 9 out room with Izzie, Nalini and Maria Teresa doing future readings.

Video 10 asked when is all this lockup stuff going to start? When we decided we don’t need it anymore. Focus on peace, love, joy and happiness. Now the fear. Don’t plug into any politics, plugged into peace, love, joy, happiness and abundance for all and health.
Don’t plug into the sickness. Make sure you get a lot of vitamin D. Keep working from home, keep working on yourself. This is such an opportunity for growth. The world is going through black Night of the Soul over clearing so much stuff and the way it is right now has given us as a world the opportunity to do this for ourselves, for our families for the world.

Video 11

Day 2

Everybody, welcome to day two of master akashic records practitioner training, and in this training today we are going to be working with the Masters to do healing on the healing table.
Yesterday we really practised on connecting with the roundtable and connecting with the masters and your guides. And today we’re going to go into the same akashic records into our lap. This is how I see it. You can see it totally differently than how I see it is to your left, there’s this big room.
Such a cool room, and the feeling in that it’s just absolutely amazing. And you go in there and there’s a healing table.
And on this healing table. It’s like a gel type substance, but it’s very high vibrational. And it’s all these sacred geometry patterns that I’m not familiar with. They’re not here on this planet, I don’t see him here. And it’s with jewels and crystals and very very high level metals.
And this is very healing for you, and the Masters will come in and work on you or work on your client there.
And they will help you and they’ll even give you ideas of what to do. They’ll say, do this, do that.

Video 1 Meditation into the Akashic Records.
So I invite you to go into Mother Earth, Connect to Mother Earth, connecting to that beautiful energy. As you’re there the elevator door opens. When you go inside, the door closes and I count 21…….

Video 2

Hi everybody welcome back. I wanted to catch up with you from yesterday. How did last night go? Then talk to you more about the healing table, and then put you guys in rooms, but I want to be able to connect with you first to see if there’s any questions you have, or anything you’d like to share before we move on.
Participants begin to share experiences and ask questions.

Video 3

So a separate recording for instructions on what to do next. I really liked it with three people in a room. Isn’t that cool? You guys? That really helps, doesn’t it.
So what we’re going to do is I want a person to lead and do a little guided meditation and bring all three of you up into the healing chamber and one person is going to go on the healing table, and the other two people are going to watch and the person on the healing table.
Now you’re not going to do this with your clients. Okay? This is for your own observation. So the two people can be there, they can be giving you information that they’re hearing and seeing from the master, and what’s going on with you, you can be seeing it feeling and hearing it yourself also. But we want you to be there with two witnesses.

Video 4 room session with Nalini, Marrisa, Micheal and Judit.

Video 5 round up video that ends the class with participating sharing experiences of the whole weekend, and asking questions which Tamra answers and shares some lessons.

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

Video 9

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