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Master Practitioner Training Level 2 (2021)

Day 1


Video 1An introduction to the course and a brief discussion about what to expect during the course of these videos. 2The Golden Seals are only for people who were going to be practitioners in helping other people. It gives you the ability to offer these activations to others in a client based way.. So when I do Practitioners training, you are downloaded with these Golden Seals in order to do Activations. 3A questions and answers video plus discussion about the activations for the next video. 4Room session with – Amy, Colleen, Jannette
Activation included

  • Need to Know
  • Learning Through Suffering
  • Healers Power
  • Healer Who Suffer 5Questions and Answer Video plus a discussion about the activations for the next video. 6Break out room with – Patti, Cindie, Jeff, Carla and Ella.
Activations included;

  • Buddha’s Compassion
  • Bleeding Heart
  • Mart Magdalene
  • Black Magic Puppet Master
  • Healthy Boundaries
  • I am not your Doormat 7Question and answer videos plus a discussion about the activations for the next video. 8Break out room with – Dawn, Humeyra, Bianca and Katherine.
Activations included;

  • War inside
  • Prison Planet
  • Pillar of Light
  • Fear of Your Own Power.

Day 2

Video 1An introduction to the second day of this course. Tamra goes over what will happen in the class and little about the subconscious programming. 2A breakout room with; Amethyst, Katherine, Yuir, and David.
Activations run included but not limited to;
Defragmentation/Laser Focus
Separation of fear,
Judgement & Fear,
Dark Night of the Soul,
Wrong Fork in the Road,
Divine Male/Female Integration,
Caste System of the Sexes,
Oppression of Women,
Prison Break,
Genie in a Bottle,
Pizza Delivery
Polar Opposites, 3A video for reconnection after the last room break out. Participants share experiences and Tamra and answer questions. The next set of activations are discussed as well before lunch break. 4A short reconnection video after lunch – Tamra also adds a few more activations to the list for break out rooms. 5Description;
A break out room session with; Judit, Sara, Zarah, CarlaMarie and Amy.
Activations included but not limited to;
Food beliefs,
Sickness Serves me,
Book of the Dead,
Death Wish,
Suicidal Thoughts,
It’s None of Your Business,
Heaven and Hell,
Witch Craft,
Fear of Authority,
Dark V’s Good,
Alchemy of 3rd Dimension,
Alchemy of 4th Dimension
Alchemy of 5th Dimension,
Deepest Darkest Secrets. 6A reconnection video after the last break out room. Participants share experiences and ask questions which Tamra answers. Tamra also talks about book from Dr John C. Lilly which she recommends as reading material. 7A break out room with; Judit, Sylwia and Jayaleigh
Activations included but not limited to;
Caste System Family,
Caste System Money,
Caste System Healers,
Shame and Humiliation,
Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,
Money and Healers,
Spiritual Ego release,
Get your Keys Back,
Glass ceiling,
I am a Target,
Making Money is Fun,
Poppy Syndrome,
Healers Block,
Disciples Return,
Fear of Shining.

Day 3

Video 1Welcome and introduction to day 3 of training. Participants share their experiences and Tamra answers questions.
Activation Included – Run by Tamra on the group;
Galactic Federation. 2Participants discuss their experiences from the Galactic Federation activation.
Tamra discusses the next set of activations for the breakout rooms. 3Breakout room with; Bianca, Jeffrey and Judy.
Activations included but not limited to;
Karmic Loop,
Crop Circle,
Learning Through Suffering,
Healers Who Suffer,
Shaman Beliefs,
Healers Power
Un Masked
Clear Environmental toxins, vaccines, chemtrails etc.
Hamster Wheel
Sky is falling
Weakest Link
Are you a martyr 4Participants share experiences and Tamra answers questions. The Pillar of Light activation is discussed for breakout rooms- however the next video sessions were not recorded. 5The participants share their experience of the Pillar of Light Activation.
Tamra also discusses the next set of activations for break out rooms. 6Breakout room with; Patti, Zarah, Sylwia and Rissa
Activations included but not limited to;
PTSD for Sexl Abuse
Power & Freedom
Pain v’s Pleasure
Thrill of the Kill
Release from Sexual/Ritual Abuse
Addiction Redirection
Dark Desires
Slavery. 7Participants share their experiences from the last breakout room and Tamra answers questions. The next set of activations are also discussed. 8Group activations run by Master Practitioners; Dawn, Shilpi, Zarah and Cindie
Activations included;
Nervous System Upgrade
Christ Oil/Kundalini Oil
Diamond DNA

Day 4

Video 1Welcome video for the last day of this training and discussions of the next set of activations for break out room. 2Breakout room with; Amethyst, Zarah, Jayaleigh and Jay.
Activations Included but not limited to;
Male V’s Female,
Sacred Sexuality,
Sacred Sex,
Open Heart,
Soul Mate,
Clear Your Ex’s Energy,
Clear Your Heart,
Caste System relationships,
Return to Innocence,
Clear Hurt and Fear
Erectile disfunction. 3Participants share experiences of the last break out room – Tamra answers questions and the next set of activations are discussed. 4Breakout room with; Amethyst, Humeyra, Femke, Shilpi, Jeffery, Judit, Zarah, Amy, CarlaMarie.
Activations included but not limited to;
Heaven on Earth,
Through Heavens Gate,
Activate you Collagen,
Activate your Telomeres and stem cells,
Age Reversal
Newtons Law,
Get Your Keys Back,
Retrieve Your Body Parts,
Heal Your Body Parts, 5Tamra channels some information and teachings – then opens up for questions with the group. Some activations for the next session are discussed as well. 6A breakout room session with; Zarah, Colleen, Bianca, Jeffery, Shilpi and Alyssaa.
Activations included but not limited to;
Perfect the way you are,
Not being seen,
Not being heard,
Stage fright,
Competition with healers,
Obligation to noe modality,
Stop Stopping yourself,
Disconnect from Prophets,
Responsibility for others,
Ease and Grace,
Need to Hide,
Monsters in the Closet,
Release Needing to control your Environment,
Happy Happy Joy Joy 7A closure of the class video and some information about some other classes.

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