Sacred Activations

Level 3


Tamra Oviatt and Sacred Activations® offer students the opportunity to become Sacred Activations Mastering The Masters Practitioners. This advanced level practitioner course is offered both in a pre-recorded online format, as well as in live-online (and in person) training. Such an online format allows you to take this course in the convenient comfort of your own home, and at a pace that accommodates your own lifestyle and learning style. It is also the perfect option for those of you who are eagerly excited to delve more deeply into such a topic, yet who are unable to travel to a live event due to the constrains of work, life, and so on.

While there are elements of this course that carry over from one training to another, each class is very different, so once you take the online course you will greatly benefit from taking the course live-online.

Course Description

If you are beginning with the pre-recorded course, you will be watching a series of videos taken from the Zoom classroom of the original live-online course, including each participant, along with Tamra’s teachings and the exercises that she gives the class to work through during their own individually paired Breakout Sessions. After each breakout session she fields comments and questions, answering each one in a very thorough manner. The pre-recorded course will make you feel as though you are there with all of the other students in the classroom.

At the beginning of this class you will receive an upgraded set of 350 Golden Seals for this level that will allow you to do the necessary work to complete this course and move beyond into this level of work with clients.


The activations that you will learn to work with in this class are:

Activate Your Twelve Light Bodies, Universal Light Language, Living In The Matrix, You Are The Master You Are Speaking To, Angel Power, Atlantean Power, Book of the Dead, Being Present,

    ✔How to run a specific activation for a specific bodily condition to change the consciousness of that condition
    ✔How to include yourself in a group that you’re running an activation on without being overloaded
    ✔Advanced techniques for running activations on a group
    ✔How to talk with your future self to change current life conditions
    ✔The manifestation process
    ✔and so much more..

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