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Masters Round Table Guided
Meditation Downloads

Part 1


I do a lot of Activations and Deactivations and every now and then it is so empowering to do a guided meditation. We are going to be connecting to the Masters Round Table and your Council of 12. The Council of 12 changes depending on what is going on in your life and what you are ready for. They are here to support you in your vibrational growth, some will be with you for a long time and then they’ll get replaced with someone else. This guided meditation you will be able to use for years, any time you have any questions or want to talk to your council, those programs are here for you, inside of you. You can use this guided meditation to empower you.

Video 2The guided meditation to meet your Council of 12, receive gifts and upgrades. Get comfortable and do not drive.

Activations included:

  • Diamond DNA
  • Christ Consciousness


Part 3

A brief follow up and some participants’ feedback.


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