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Medical Intuitive Training (2021)

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 1

Welcome to Medical Intuitive, we do this class over 5 days, two weekends and then another follow up day a month after to give you time to integrate the energy and practice, so that you can really absorb and hear what I am saying.

This is a spirit class, it is all run by source energy, I’m the mouthpiece. I’m here with you, and we’re receiving information that we’re ready for. Every single time I teach these classes, they expand. So they’re not always the same, I don’t always cover the same thing. That’s why I always invite you guys back, because it shifts, changes and expands. And I always advise to listen to the last class before you do this.

I’m really excited to be here with you. I truly am not sure where everything is gonna go this weekend. But I know it’s gonna be way expanded.

Video 1

A breakout room session with Bianca, Shilpi and Femke.

Video 2

Hi, welcome back. So we started class, boom right in a session, where you’re working on your chakra systems running the fruit of life activation. So how was that for you? Who would like to share? 

Participants share their experiences and ask questions.

I was told we’re going to do some shifts in your DNA, for this flow of information; feeling sensing and openness of what’s going to come this weekend. It’s going to be an upgrade and it’s a bit of a rewiring, you already have all the skills you need, but this seals in the activations we’re going to be doing this weekend. It’s really the flow of the programmes and plugging into those programmes, so what we’re doing this weekend, all the information necessary to do these are now activated within you and there’s nothing to learn because it’s already there. It’s already installed. So you just have to suggest the programme, the activation, de-activation energy and that programmes will start running. 

Tamra runs the energy on the group.

Video 3

Hi, welcome back. Well, that was a little intense. You know, there’s so much in not be of the world but in your body and in the world take what the heck does that mean? Because you gotta rise above the disillusions. But you also have been in the illusion to be present. You have to understand it’s just an illusion, it’s just a creation to some matrix. So that balance of being here now being in your body, this is your vehicle.

This is your car. You have to take care of it, you have to maintain it.

And you have to be in it to drive it. Yet to  be in the world of the 3d systems the media, the fears, overwhelm, the programming from all the commercials – you can’t be plugged into all of that stuff. But you also have to be present in order to create here.

So it’s a balance.

So I was told to run a total body connection for the group, but I was also told to have one of the masters to do it.

Sara Gilroy runs activations; Total Body Connections, Healthy Boundaries, Self Sufficient and Being IN the World but not OF the World.

Video 4

There’s so much Energy going on in the world right now. It is so important not to get caught up in it you guys; it’s there to get you caught up, it’s there to keep us busy, it’s there to keep you disconnected, it’s there to keep you separate.

Because we’re breaking out of it, it’s going harder and faster. Because we’re breaking it up. It’s flowing in harder, faster, trying to keep you plugged in. Whatever level you’re at, you’re going to get certain different programmes that are going to try to come in.

Remember, it’s a game. You got to recognise them and disconnect from them.

Watch what Deati you give your power over to, or make your Lord. A lot of people who are doing healing with the masters or with the angels, they make them the powerful one.

It’s really important for you to understand that you are the healer. They’re not above you. They’re assisting you, and they’re only there as you need them to be there. Once you go beyond that, you see you are the master.  It’s an evolution, there’s an expansion, and it’s an understanding. It’s just another one of those levels. What’s next beyond that,  knowing you as a creator, but watching that you’re just watching the creation?

Video 5

You know inner beauty is the most beautiful thing on the planet.

You guys need to get some practice and just going to the different areas by areas of the body and clear the energy.

There’s a lot of people, you know – people call it split personalities, different things, But really what it is, is one body with multiple souls. Some have amnesia of the other soul and don’t realise that they’re both operating in it, some flow back and forth.

What we’re talking about in this class and what we talked about in Sacred activations is integrate them, send one to the light. You know the one that’s not supposed to be there, because sometimes walk-ins come in and the original soul that was agreed upon to leave hasn’t left yet, so you help it leave. Or the walk in that came in to help for a while and it’s time for the walk in to leave, then Tell them to leave and help them out.  

Video 6

Day 2

Good morning or good evening or good afternoon. Day two of medical intuitive training. Wow, what a day yesterday, I knocked myself out.

Everybody around you is receiving a lot of the energy you’re receiving and the shifts, because you’re changing, so your interactive  DNA with them is changing. So when you work on you, it changes every day, and affects everyone around you. So be sensitive to those around you. You know they’re acting up or something or something’s going on. Just observe. That’s what I do.

Are you going around and around creating the same old fears? And saying that, I was thinking about ageing and belief systems about diseases that happened at certain ages. You could have set up a programme when you were a child that people in their 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s whatever,  get certain disease because you saw it happen and you go “What age or what ages”. And then if you see it more than you create more of that energy of it.

The next thing you know, you’re running that energy, and you’re in it. And then hopefully you go, Wait a minute, why am I doing this? Why am I reading this energy? What are these things? Why is this experiencing happening? Why am I having this?

Video 1

So how are you going? What did you think of going through the timeline and pulling out those issues? Could you see some that were in somebody’s timeline, when I get certain ages is gonna happen? What a trip.

You know, we do the same thing with the ageing. We model ourselves after people and their age. That’s another way to use it. So who would like to share? 

Participants share their experiences and ask questions.

Video 2

Welcome back from lunch. 

So how are you guys doing? 

How’d it go? What was your experience about holding an Oregon? 

Participants share experiences and ask questions.


That was heavy duty. I mean touching the organs in that energy and all that stuff that we hold there, to have that touched and healed with the energy and wow, you know, it’s, it’s so emotional, and it takes time to release all of that. 

What we’re doing here, what you’re working on  was really heavy duty, healing, and you know a lot of our organs have never felt love!

It really boils down to our bodies, our DNA create with our thoughts systems, and the thoughts and the programmes that we put in there.

Video 3

Hi everybody, welcome back. How are you doing,how to go, What happened.?

Participant share their experiences and ask questions.

Video 4

Day 3

Hey everybody, welcome to class. So excited to be here, this is day three of medical intuitive. 

I want to start today with a bunch of activations. 

You know, we’re going to show you some really cool ways to reset things.

Over this weekend, we’re going to be working a lot with repairing the DNA damage from vaccines, and other medications on how to clear that and rebalance it out.

We’re going to work a lot on healers beliefs too, you know, power of limitations, resistance to change, fear of your own power, taking on your clients stuff, being able to be seen as an amazing, incredible healer that you are. 

Allowing yourself to receive compliments. You know, that’s a bigger deal than you might think. So receiving compliments and being recognized for who you are, and what you bring to the table can be really overwhelming

So what we’re doing is we’re going to be using some of your abilities for hands on healing and that kind of stuff and working in the DNA. But we’re also going to be doing a lot of activations to really get you in your power. So you could really show up in a big way, and really be seen and be known be on stage if you desire.

Video 1

So I want you guys to do some activations in the next break out room; (included but not limited to)

  • Oaths ‘s vows, commitments, contracts, blessings and curses – This activations clears blood oaths that you may have made over lifetimes, including collective consciousness oaths, tribal and genetic oaths, vows, commitments or bargains that are no longer needed.
  • About being a healer – Everyone can heal themselves – this ability is innate in all of us, but sometimes we need help to unlock it. This activation releases this latent power from within yourself and allows you to change your life.
  • Birth certificate – You can run this on everything you were born into. Family, town, church etc. Birth certificates, like a contract to your country, and it makes you a slave.

So clear all the slave mentality around your birth certificate, and those commitments and comment and commitments

  • What if a miracle were to happen? -Addresses the question of, “Okay, if a miracle happens, then what?!” It releases any fears or insecurities we might have about what a world in which miracles take place would be like.
  • Healers power – This activation releases you from the old limitations of those thousand commitments and contracts and blessings. I find that many healers do not feel that they can go beyond their teachers or that they’re committed to one modality. This activation releases you from all of that, allowing you to be a powerful healer, knowing that God is in charge…allowing you to go out and create be healer that you are.
  • Adam’s Rib.-You know how men have one less rib than women.

So the belief is, is that woman came from man.Therefore man is woman’s creator.

That’s a deep seated belief system that I’m sure you don’t even know you have.

But if that resonates with you clear it.

Video 2

What if you only have one life to live? What if everything’s happening in the now? This is your chance to make a mark. This is your chance to do something amazing. And this is your only chance. What’s stopping you?

I have a friend, she’s been my friend for 35 years. I really, really love her. When we hang out, We have a frickin blast. You know, I mean! But she’s got a lot of negative programmes. she likes to complain and bitch, and I always watch the same programmes. She’s been working at a perfume counter for 30 years, and she tells me it’s a boss that causes her issues and tries to fuck with her and then the boss leaves. She gets a new boss and that’s the same thing. I’ve been watching this for 30 years.  I don’t want to hear it anymore. If you want to book a session and clear this stuff, that’s fine. Because what I say is, I’m a healer, and I’m a fixer. And when I hear this stuff, I want to clear it. And if you don’t want to clear it, I don’t want to hear it. I’m not interested. That’s not a conversation I’m interested in having with you.

Video 3

Activations for break out room session with Patti Hindiyeh, Cindie Ambar, Maricar Biraogo and Shilpi Gupta, includes but is not limited to;


  • Fear of your power – This activation clears those fears that you might misuse your power if you allowed yourself to claim it.


  • Disciples return – There is so much history of disciples, of the oneness of God, that have been killed because of what they know – Which is what truly sets humans free – These collective Consciousness fears are super strong and we can unplug from them, we don’t have to run those programs.


  • Super DNA – The Super DNA activation improves your DNA, so that it matches the new evolved generation that is coming onto the planet at this time. When children who were born with AIDS were activated and their progress tracked and retested some years later, it was found that the AIDS disease was gone and their DNA had been changed to a “Super DNA.” This upgrades your DNA with four more codons evolving it into a form that scientists say makes a person 3,000 times less likely to get a disease or illness.


  • Polar opposite – This allows new pathways of unconditional love to replace the negative pathways in the brain by focusing on the programs that are constantly running unconsciously. These stop you from achieving clarity and calmness as well as money.


  • Blessings and curses – Blessings can be actually stronger than curses, and sometimes the people mean them as a blessing but there’s a negative connotation behind it, because of their own beliefs at some centres, just sending that to you. 


  • More they suffer the closer they get to God – Some people believe that they have to suffer to be close to god. This subconscious program has been around for a while and needs clearing from the planet.


Sickness Serves You/Me – Disconnect from sickness that appears to serve you and accept your power and wellbeing understanding that you don’t need to be sick in order to get what you feel you need.

Video 4

Okay, welcome back everybody. How you doing? Who would like to share? 

Participants share their experiences of the breakout room, ask questions and discuss topics.


I’m being told that you guys have to do the DNA repair again, and the new fragmentation of the DNA and the repair of it, and you need to work in smaller groups. So you’re doing it like one on one and you’re having that experience. So you’re going to be in rooms of two to three people. Okay, I don’t want any rooms of four, because I really want you guys to get practice with this.

Video 5

Day 4

Hi, everybody, welcome today four of Medical Intuitive.

Phoenix Rising Seriously, this is a really good time for us to shed all those things we don’t like about ourselves, our lives, our bodies, our health, our relationships, and just let them go. 

We can do massive change at once. Y

You ready to totally change your game?

Completely shift all of that out and start playing a really new, more fun game?

To do that now  I am going to take you into the Central Sun Heart Chakra. 

So I’d like you to take a moment and write down if you have a piece of paper, all those things you want to let go of today.

Video 1

Everybody. Okay, I want to talk about yesterday in the charts. And today if you guys have any questions or comments,

Isn’t energy fun? You guys. Magical the things we could do.

I want you to work in the DNA. I want you to look at the spiral of your client. I want you to see their spiral, going into Mother Earth going up to the eye of God. And I want you to look at it and all the debris you see, pull it out

Clean up their spiral, clean up all this stuff, the hooks, the cords, the swords, the knives, whatever’s there, the chains.

And I want you to look at the DNA. And I want to restructure the DNA. And I want you to see the Lord magnetron activation running through it.

Video 2

Welcome back from your break and your session, Would anybody like to share? How was it working in the pillar and with the DNA? 

Participants share their experiences and ask questions.

Video 3

This activation is 13 chambers of the heart does a higher heart healing. Individual activation tamra runs on the group.

Video 4

Hey everybody, welcome back from lunch.

I’m just gonna get started here because the Arctuarian Council is here, and then I saw my book, the Galactic akashic Records book and I drew them and then also Lyra. 

So the representation of both and so they’re both here.

I’ve never channelled anything with Lyra before, but they told me they wanted to give you guys the “Peace of Mind” activation – Being really really calm and being able to totally trust, on a much higher level than you ever have before. 

The Arctuarian council are here and we’re going to be doing the “Codes for the Laser Blue Light” They use a lot, and you can use it do psychic surgeries, to do resurfacing, to carry out different energy fields, to cut negative energies in the room or around you and you can even use it to clear your home.

Video 5

You’re going to practice using the Arcturion Blue Laser Light.

Do some resurface seen on the skin, you can go into organs and use it.

You can just see where you’re being directed to do it. How do you start it? just  say “activate blue laser light”. 

You just might feel the energy of when you’re doing an activation.

You might be directed to different areas of the body, just see what happens and play with it. 

You know, we got a lot more information today than we got last time on this.

Video 6

Welcome back, you guys. How are you doing? Holy cow. How was that? Did anybody see anything or have any interesting experiences they’d like to share?

Participants share their experiences and ask questions.

Video 7

Day 5

Hey guys, welcome to Medical Intuitive Day Five, really happy to be here with you, we’re gonna do a lot of practice today.

You know, so it’s a really good time for you guys to help some people and get some practice, and also help people with your supporters, the other practitioners helping you, you should learn a lot from what everybody gets.

The more you practice in this, the more confident you’ll get and more powerful the energy will come.

Video 1

This video is a group healing on Natasia Lam-Matter who has had cancer four times.

The group discusses different activations to run on Natasia.

Video 2

Tamra discusses the benefits of group healings and talks about the next client that will be joining the group.

Video 3

Tamra discusses the use of rules and mentions some other activations she’s had recently.

Discussing that it’s ok to be you, you are perfect the way you are as well as the dual beliefs that people have about themselves.

Activations included but not limited to;

  • Aging with ease and grace,
  • Clear the future timeline of belief systems of ageing and disease
  • Many more.

Video 4

The group discuss the healing and activations from the previous video.

Video 5

Tamra introduces Shawne Skribe who is due to open heart surgery and Shawne shares her story for the group ready for the healing.

Video 6

The group work together on Shawne, running many different activations which practitioners list in the comments section – they include, but are not limited to;

  • 0-7, 
  • Mother Mary, 
  • Blood and Lymph, 
  • Total Body Connection, 
  • Fruit of Life (going thru the organs), 
  • Nervous System Upgrade, 
  • t Germain and the violet ray, 
  • love bomb through all your cells

Video 7

Tamra discusses the different activations to use for different aspects of body healing and the different emotions that can affect people in different ways.  Anger, guilt and frustration etc. and the need for clearing those as well.

Tamra also discusses the powers of healers and their boundaries, suggesting to keep working on yourself as well as your clients.

Video 8

Tamra runs some activations on the group, to include but not limited to;

  • Dream Genie
  • Magic Man/Woman,
  • Activatie all Gifts From other Lifetimes,
  • Hostage of the world,
  • Environment Control,
  • Victim of world circumstances,
  • Mark of the beast,
  • Prison Break 

Video 9

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