Wow, it’s been a year already since we started the master classes! I am really excited about them and I’ve seen massive shifts in myself. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your shifts in your life with me, It really drives me.

I am really excited about this year to come, we are going through some massive changes right now on this planet. As we continue to shift within, we continue to support the collective shift too!

So since you were signed up for last year there is a special offer just for you all. No one else is going to get this offer!


Conscious Creation Membership

$ 600 yearly
  • 12 master classes value at $125 each
    Total value $1,500
  • 18 webinars $120 each value
    Total value $2,160
  • Total value $3,660

Conscious Creation Membership

$ 1000 Yearly
  • 24 Mastermind Group (2 per month) value $150/month
    Total value $1,800
  • 12 master classes value at $125 each
    Total value $1,500
  • 18 webinars $120 each value
    Total value $2,160
  • Practitioner Session
    Total value $250
  • Total value $5,710

So with this complete and total package you get support on shifts and vibrational major awareness and expansion. Plus you get the Master Mind group to help you totally create your life right now; because the more we let go of the old programming that no longer serves us, the more room we have the higher vibrational conscious creation where we’re really creating many more minutes in the day and before you know it you are going to be the conscious creator of your life that brings you happiness, peace, joy, love and abundance.

Love you guys and I look forward to connecting with you all again.


Start Creating Major Vibrational Shifts


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