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Men’s Health Masterclass 2021

Welcome to men’s Health masterclass. This is such an important class,There are so many different things for women and people in general and there is not much out there for men. Men’s Health in the sector of spirituality and belief systems have been hugely overlooked. Our belief systems and what we plug into affects us in so many different ways and there’s many belief systems about men that affect their health. Let’s start with disease consciousness and what diseases are men known to get, prostate cancer what else? Liver cancer? There are so many different things around mens’ health that aren’t looked at.

  Then there are the men and women relationships of men not feeling good enough to be with a woman, or women putting them down and controlling them or needing that experience because they had that growing up.

Men’s health as far as erections go, or being to sustain one let alone get one and experience that joy of love and connection.

This webinar is for helping men to love themselves and for helping women to love those men in their lives.

Activations/Deactivations included but not limited to;

  • Broken Heart,
  • Sacred Sexualtiy,
  • Healthy Boundaries,
  • Not Your Doormat,
  • Yin & Yang Resentment
  • Judgment of the opposite/same sex.
  • How men/women are supposed to be.
  • Caste System of male/Female
  • Blood Flow
  • Battle between men and women.

Video 1's+Health/1.mp4

Welcome back!  Thank you for all the suggestions for activations to run.

Activations/Deactivations included but not limited to;

  • Only Bad guys get the good girls,
  • Damsel in Distress
  • The need to save
  • Wounds of Childhood,
  • Till death do us part,
  • Express compassion and love
  • Allowing the men to be men

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Repeat after me – (To be used again and again,)

 “I am a man, I am a great man, I am a fantastic man, I am the kind of my temple, I am the love of my life, I accept myself fully, totally, and completely for who I am, as I am, where I am. I allow myself to be seen, I allow my strength, my power and my weaknesses to balance me out and allow others to see all parts of me.” …. And more.  An affirmation for repetition.

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