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Week 1 – Moses codes Activation

  • Moses codes is the third activation I received when I was in England in 2012
  • This is also the Tree of Life activation.
  • When running this activation I started witnessing the Tree of Life symbol, and Sacred Geometry and people’s energy fields.
  • I would see it being repaired, I’d see the broken lines being put back together, golden balls connected where they move and change shape; it all flowing together and the energy flowing through all of it.
  • This is an amazing activation and this sacred geometry activation is going to make some major shifts within you; if you are a writer or an artist, or whatever you do, it will help you focus in that flow of what you’re doing and you’ll find life just being a bit easier after this.
  • A lot of people noticed that the ageing process started to reverse, so whatever that is for you, I definitely know my energy is a lot better.


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