Course Introduction

Tamra Oviatt and Sacred Activations® offer students the opportunity to learn how to disconnect themselves
from the Mind Matrix that has control of most everybody on this planet.
This course is offered in a pre-recorded, online format that allows you to take
it in the convenient comfortof your own home at a pace that accommodates your lifestyle.
It is also the perfect option for those of you who are ready to grow and progress more in a positive direction in your life
as you learn more about how to make your life move to higher and higher levels.

Course Description

To take this course you will be watching a series of videos taken from the Zoom classroom of the original live-online course, including each participant, along with Tamra’s teachings and the exercises that she gives the class to work through during their own Breakout Sessions. After each breakout session she fields comments and questions, answering each one in a very thorough manner. The pre-recorded course will make you feel as though you are there with all of the other students in the classroom.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to clear your past incarnations
  • How to clear ages from birth to seven years
  • How to clear lack and limitation from your life
  • How to deactivate mind control vibrations
  • How to deactivate mind control vibrations
  • How to deactivate beliefs about death and aging
  • About walk-ins and releasing demons
  • How to connect with and talk with your higher self
  • How to connect with your Galactic Oversoul
  • How to connect with your Universal Oversoul

Activations that will be run during this class are:

Lord Metatron, Avebury/Stonehenge, Moses Codes, Seeds of Life (these assist in aligning your sacred geometry), Star Seed, Stargate, Galactic Federation, Unmatched Emotions, Caste System Family, Family Constellation, Inner Child, Return of the Prophets, Book of the Dead, Overwhelmed, The Sky is Falling, Alchemy of the Thjrd, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Generations, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Eye of God, Godhead, The Other You, Integration and Knowledge and Experience of Higher Evolution, Separation of Oneself, A Mind Divided, The War Inside, Healthy Boundaries, and Universal Life Grid – 28 activations in all.


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Course Structure

This course consists of approximately 12 hours of video, from 12 separate classes (over a 12 week period of time), each one dealing with a different topic, that is broken down into 12 individual parts. Each video is a full record of the class as it was taught and progressed, with either Tamra teaching, or students either asking questions or sharing their experiences from the exercises that are conducted within the class. Tamra uses both guided meditation and activations as a way of clearing students from the Mind Matrix that has such a strong grip on the majority of the world.

Week 1 – Clearing Your Past Incarnations 

Week 2 – Clearing Ages Zero to Seven 

Week 3 – Clearing Lack and Limitation 

Week 4 – Deactivate Mind Control Vibrations

Week 5 – Disconnect from Disease Consciousness 

Week 6 – De-activate Beliefs About Death and Aging 

Week 7 – Walk-ins and Releasing Demons 

Week 8 – Higher Self and Sacred Geometry

Week 9 – Galactic Oversoul

Week 10 – Universal Oversoul 

Week 11 – Other You (Doppelgängers) 

Week 12 – Godhead 

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