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Practitioner Training in Sacred Activations level 1 (2020)

Day 1

SA Practitioner Training Manual 2020.pdf

Welcome to Sacred Activations Practitioners training, this is going to be two full days of major energy work. You are here to learn about Sacred Activations, my experiences with them, how to give them to others and how they affect you when you give them to others and it is advised that you don’t do them all, you pick a couple every day.
I am really excited to share this work with you and help you expand. Just by working on yourself you help so many people around you, just by being you. When you change YOU, the Energy around you changes and people will mirror back to you where you are at. short video about The Eye of God, the Central and grounding in your heart to receive the golden seals. Golden Seals are run during this video, there are 30 of them to allow you to give activations to others. explanation of the Lord metatron Activation and a guided meditation to the Central Sun and up to the Eye of God. description of the first three activations to be worked on in rooms;
Lord Metatron – This accelerates the evolution of your DNA to new crystalline levels.
Moses Codes/Tree of Life – This recharges your cells
Avebury and Stonehenge – This increased you psychic abilities breakout room with Judy Hoyt and Sarah Gilroy. video is opened up to questions and answers.
Also lists the next activations for breakout rooms;
Bleeding Heart – You can not help others if you are being destroyed by their pain and suffering.
Are You A Martyr – Are other people’s lives and emotions more important than your own?
Christ Consciousness/Flower of Life – This elevates the vibration of love and unplugs you from the 3rd Dimensional grid system. breakout room session with Judy Hoyt and Pattie Hindiyeh. Questions and Answers video.
Also lists the activations for the next breakout room.
Super DNA – Improves your DNA, activats 4 more cordons
Mother Earth – Connects you with all of the elements of this wonderful planet.
Mother Mary – Provides awareness of others inability to love and clear understanding of who they are on all levels. breakout room session with jeffery Wong, Adreinne Sloan, Amethyst Tate Question and answer video.
Also lists the activations for the next breakout room;
Family Constellations – This clears anger, judgment, guilt and hatred towards your family
Inner Child – This reclaims the pieces of your souls that were left in other timeline, galaxies and realms
Fruit of Life – Lights up the 13 chakras and the sacred geometry within the body. room with Colleen Fisher, Meredith Neal and Maria Chaves finish up and rounding off of the first day.
Also includes short descriptions of three activations
Addiction Redirection – Resorts the instinct and energy to self nurture.
Planetary Alignment – This aligns you with the planets and their transformative energy
Polar Opposites – Sometimes the old negative pathways are entrenched within our brains, this activation these negative pathways are dis-created and wiped out.

Day 2

An introduction to the second day- includes questions and answers as well as participants introducing themselves. short video discussing the next three activations for breakout rooms
Anger and resentment towards God – We store up anger and resentments towards God, Life, the World and more. Sometimes we do not realise we’re holding onto anger or resentment.
Spiritual Ego release, – People on the spiritual path often have too much or too little ego. Too much and they have Guru-complex. Too little and they are worried they are not worth enough and achieve nothing. It’s important to have a little bit of ego to perform daily tasks and look after yourself.
Soul Mates – It open you up to receiving the right soul mate, maybe you feel you are not with your soul mate, or you still need to find them. breakout room with Zarah Zyankali, Amy and Genesis. breakout room session with Ruthi Stirling, Sarah G and Ahsley Joyce.
(then break for lunch – long gap) discussion about the next three activations for the next breakout room.
Sacred Power – it clears all of your fears of being in your true sacred power and of being the life force that you are meant to be.
Life’s Grid – This created a protective shield around you keeping you safe from negative energies of others – and more.
Original Light Language.- This allows us to be true to ourselves and stops us taking on the negativity of what others are experiencing. questions and answers video. Tamra also explains a bit more about further training – Mastering the Masters, Medical Intuitive, Akashic Records plus some new ones coming in 2021. Run by Tamra on the group;
Make your Ego your Amigo – How are you separate from your Ego? We all need our ego, we do not need to get rid of it, we just need to get our ego working for us.
Timelines and Parallel Universes – Collapses all the levels and brings them into the now. Integrates all the parts of you from all over the galaxy and timelines to the here and now.
Victim Vicimiser – This stops you from victimising yourself and others, it helps you to see the lessons that are given to you from your experiences.
Confidence – This activates your confidence levels for areas in your life where confidence is lacking. closing of the weekend video.
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