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Reshma Shah

Tamra is one of the most empathetic conscious healer. Tamra’s teaching is just like her personality, down to earth and simple though deep and profound. Tamra connects with her each students where the individual stands. Tamra’s deep knowledge of the universal principles beads very well with human mindset and comprehension. Tamra’s heartfelt jovial though kind and compassionate nature has  helped many like me to grow in the environment of no judgement and care. Through my life of many seasons, Tamra has not only stood by me as a guide and teacher but also as a true friend with her unconditional love and support.

I would highly recommend working with her.


Tamra is a gifted healer and intuitive, and her insight and connection to the energies are what the world needs at this time. Healing the collective consciousness is what has been missing from healing modalities to date, and Tamra has provided this much-needed information for the benefit of humanity.

Tamra’s powerful healing modality enables us to heal not only ourselves, but the world too, through the collective consciousness. I did not realise how sabotaging the collective consciousness is in keeping the world locked in the energies of fear and despair until now, but Tamra’s insight has not only brought clarify on this essential component of world healing, but also has provided the energies to do it.

The healing energies that Tamra has and teaches are exactly what the planet needs at this time of drastic transition. Tamra has the healing energies and expertise needed to heal and shift the collective consciousness of humanity from fear to love; this is essential for all of humanity at this time.


Maria Teresa Garcia

Tamra is my go-to healer everytime i have a really challenging and sticky situation in my life. She is the most accomodating, down to earth healer that i know of. She is deeply connected to God and very grounded as well that she is able to facilitate a lot of healings in a power-packed intensive 30min session which is perhaps equivalent to 5 or even 10 healing sessions with other healers that i know of. The last session that i had with her working on my family, i received some money from my parents, which was short of a miracle, something that really surprised me in a really good way.  

I have been a Sacred Activations Practitioner since 2013 and a Master Teacher as well and all through the years my life has tremendously improved thanks to Tamra’s classes as well as her healing sessions. I love her Light ( and i am sure anyone will love it too) and her vision of World Peace and spreading Happiness and Joy to the world.

I feel so blessed and really grateful having Tamra as my teacher as well as my healer.

I pray that she will be able to touch so much more lives worldwide, like how she touched mine, in a really profound and miraculous way.  

Lots and lots of Love Tamra.





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