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Prosperity Activations Package – Includes 21 Activations

Being Extraordinary

Caste System Money

Collective Wounds Release

Competition and Lack

Creative Gene Extraoradinaire

Death and Taxes Activation

Death and Taxes Intro

Debtor Prison

Discipline and Structure

Disconnect from Slave Mentality

Genie in a Bottle

Get in the Vortex of Creation of Abundance

Giving And Receiving Activation

Giving And Receiving Intro

Glass Ceiling

Healers and Money

Millionaire Collective Consciousness Activation

Millionaire Collective Consciousness Intro

Money And Time

Money GeneĀ 

Money Is Dirty And Rich People Suck Activation

Money Is Dirty And Rich People Suck Intro

Poverty Perception

Release from Government Assistance

Struggle to Survive Activation

Struggle to Survive Intro

Measure Your Success PDF

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