Sacred Activations


Sacred Activations



Tamra Oviatt and Sacred Activations® offer students the opportunity to learn about Sacred Activations at the beginning level. This introductory course is offered in a pre-recorded, online format that allows you to take it in the convenient comfort of your own home at a pace that accommodates your lifestyle. It is also the perfect option for those of you who are eagerly excited to learn more about Sacred Activations, yet wish to learn more before moving forward with a full commitment.

This level of training prepares you for the more advanced levels of practitioner training that are offered.

Course Description

To take this course you will be watching a series of videos replays from the classroom of previous on-line courses, including each participant, along with Tamra’s teachings and the exercises that she gives the class to work through during their own Breakout Sessions. After each breakout session she fields comments and questions, answering each one in a very thorough manner. The pre-recorded course will make you feel as though you are there with all of the other students in the classroom.

At the beginning of this class you will receive the Golden Seals for this introductory level that will allow you to receive activations for yourself.

Highlights from Practitioner training

The activations that you will learn to work with in this class are:

The Moses Codes, Lord Metatron, Avebury/Stonehenge, Polar Opposites, Life’s Grid,
Inner Child, Family Constellations, Healer’s Ego, and

    ✔How Sacred Activations will cleanse aspects of you that other modalities haven’t touched.

    ✔How to run the energy of Sacred Activations and how to stop it if or when necessary

    ✔How to run Sacred Activations on a client  

    ✔That the results of receiving any activations are between you and God and no one else

    ✔How to ground yourself after running activations and why it’s important to do so

    ✔and so much more..

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$ 597


$ 100

If you would like to purchase two or more of the Sacred Activations training courses, we can offer you an affordable payment plan. Please click the link below to get in touch.

I want to talk about the Golden Seals that I received when I was given Sacred Activations.
When I was sitting in a pew in the Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland – where I was told to go – I said to God “Ok I am here” and I was told to go into The Akashic Records. When I got there I was met by Lord Metatron. He told me he was there to assist me and to relax – then this swirling energy came in through the top of my head and it was followed up by these Golden Seals, just like golden coins. I was then told that I was crystal-lined and that I could give these to others. I started to run Sacred Activations on other people but I didn’t see these golden coins, so I asked Lord Metatron why I didn’t see these golden coins that I had seen come to me during my initial process – and he told me that those were only for people who were going to be practitioners in helping other people. It gives people the ability to offer these. So when I do Practitioners training, you are downloaded with these Golden Seals in order to do Activations. On the Practitioners Level you get 30, on the Master Practitioners level you get 300 and for the Medical Intuitive you get another 50, then even more for Mastering the Master.
This enables you to do these activations with the super power of God Source energy. These can not be passed on until you are given another layer. That is all controlled through God Source with this modality- It’s just for this modality.