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Sacred Sexuality Activation.

Sex is about connecting, making love, having a beautiful open and loving experience – and sometimes a little wild and that is ok too. But it is about connection, it doesn’t mean you have to be In Love with somebody. This definitely going to open you up, running your pheromones – people are definitely going to be attracted to you so have discernment with who you have sex with. This activation si also going to clear out all those hooks, cords and connections from past relationships – so we are going to let all that go and get you in balance with Sacred Sexuality so that you can be open to share with somebody, it will let go of the wounds and hurts that you have had from past experiences or fear of future experiences, or judging yourself for anything that you’ve done sexualy. So let’s let go of all that guilt, open you up so that you can have beautiful wonderful experiences without judging yourself or even judging others for experiences they’ve had.


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