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Soul Repair Webinar Downloads

Part 1 – Dark Desires activation

In this first part Tamra runs the Dark Desires activation. This activation is concerned with clearing much of the dark energy of desire around pedophilia and those who have been sexually abused as children. Those who have been locked into dark programs during their childhood are cleared of those as well. She also explains that rape is a similar energy and it clears that as well.

Just like a computer, you can delete any programs that you don’t want to experience, and that is what you experience with Sacred Activations.

This, as other activations, clears your timelines, your genetics, and out of the collective consciousness/subconsciousness of the plane, as well as clearing any attachments to such negative energies.


Part 2 – Body Shame activation/deactivation

We all have parts of our body that we’re either ashamed of or uncomfortable with. It’s all an illusion… and this activation clears those things within you to help you love yourself more fully. This powerful activation opens you up to a deeper level of self-love and acceptance.


Part 3 – Heart Healing activation

Tamra begins this part by asking each one to focus on an aspect of their heart… physical or emotional, as this activation is run to clear and cleanse. She reminds each one that no matter what, all conditions begin the emotional realm before they become physical conditions.


Part 4 – Questions and Answers

Tamra fields interesting questions dealing with desire, and comments on the activations run so far. This is a powerful part of the webinar.


Part 5 – Compassion and Gratitude activation

Tamra begins this part of the webinar by asking each one to focus on gratitude and compassion for everything in your lives. The more we are grateful, the more we have to be grateful for. Whatever you focus on expands.

She then asks each one to focus on compassion for themselves, your lives, and where you are… to release judgment… to bring in the energy of compassion for your self and your life.


Part 6 – Soul Repair activation

In this part of the webinar, Tamra runs the Soul Repair activation. She begins by saying that when we experience major trauma in our lives, parts of our soul can be broken off and be stuck in different areas and continue to create traumas for us. This activation heals those traumas for your whole soul through all your timelines and multi-dimensions.

At one time this activation was known as the Inner Child, but she was told to change the name so that it would clarify what it’s all about.


Part 7 – Healthy Boundaraies activation

Tamra begins by asking each one to think of times when they didn’t have healthy boundaries. It’s time to get rid of those poor boundaries and bring in the power of strength to really have healthy boundaries, to be present, and to stand up for yourself in confidence.

She reveals an incident in her own life in which healthy boundaries helped her effectively deal with a personal attack.

This is a powerful end for this webinar.


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