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Week 1 – Super DNA Activation

  • The Super DNA activation activates four more cordons in your DNA to make you 3000 times less likely not to get a disease or a sickness.
  • How I found out about this was I was reading the Flower of Life by Melchizedek
  • I asked God if I could do this for people and I was told I could.
  • When I ran this energy I saw the DNA and I saw these golden balls lighting up on the DNA turning on four more cordons
  • A lot of the children are coming in with this energy and a lot of people on the planet are expanding into this energy, so the DNA of humanity is shifting.
  • So we’re going to activate these Corden’s in the DNA and there may even be more turning up as we have shifted from where it was before, it was four and it might now be 8.


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