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Tamra Oviatt Sacred Activations Mystery School – Two Month Installment

Lord Metatron

Moses Code

Avebury Stonehenge

Activate Your Telepathy Activation

Activating Your 12 Light Bodies

Alchemy of the 3rd Dimension

Alchemy of the 4th Dimension

Alchemy of the 5th Dimension

Angel Power Intro

Angel Power Activation

Central Sun Intro

Central Sun Activation

Christ Consciousness

Collective Church

Connect with Prophets

Crop Circles

Disciples Return intro

Disciples Return Activation


Galactic Federation Intro

Galactic Federation Activation

Healer’s Power Intro

Healer’s Power Activation

Healer Blocks

Heaven On Earth

Mother Earth

Planetary Alignment

Release from Spiritual Ego Intro

Release from Spiritual Ego Activation

Sacred Blueprint

Star Child Intro

Star Child Activation

Star Gate Intro

Star Gate Activation

Star Seed Intro

Star Seed Activation

Super DNA

The God Head

Universal Life Grid

Witchcraft Stigma Intro

Witchcraft Stigma Activation

Mary Magdalene

Age Reversal Intro

Age Reversal

Before Life

Replay Introduction

Replay Part 1

Replay Part 2

Replay Part 3

Replay Part 4

Replay Part 5

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