Hi, you guys I am so happy you made it to my new page for updates. This way ill be able to share so much more with you than ever before. 

These photos were taken in our yard in the Yucatan. I will be inviting you guys to come to hang out and see some amazing sacred sites, Some of my favorite sites in the World!!


 As soon as the world opens up again

I know what is going on is hard…
I promise we will get through this like the rising phoenix… 

I am busy working getting ready to bring you more expansion as we are creating a new reality for everyone now. we are in the biggest shift we have ever been through, I know it feels like we are losing everything. 

All will be recovered and expanded beyond anything you can imagine.. 
I love you and Thank you for being you.
Happy Happy Joy Joy, Tamra
Peace & Joy

Tamra Update Video


On a personal note, I have recently relocated to Mexico with my boyfriend. It’s beautiful, but the internet is a bit slow. I am able to continue the HOUR LONG SEMINARS in August as scheduled.

The internet will be remedied by September thus I am moving the LONG WEEKEND CLASSES to September.

Pain vs Pleasure Activation

Many people feel they are addicted to pain or go into pain and gain pleasure. Really, we just need to cancel the duality, be able to be in “openness” and actually accept pleasure in our lives.

Please enjoy this complimentary activation from Tamra.


Self Forgiveness Activation


We don’t know what another person is going through, we don’t know what’s on their mind, their belief systems or how they are suffering. We can only see with what we are going through therefore we judge them for what we see in ourselves. If you want to apologize to or forgive somebody, even yourself, or if you want to let go of some of the energy around your relationships right now, this is for you.

Free Webinar Invite
About Sacred Activationsand How They Work

* includes free activations

In this I cover how Sacred Activations work, how they came about, how they can help you and what to expect. I work better with all of you with me and I really want to share this with you.