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Week 11 – Connect with Your Other You – Getting Out of the Mind Matrix with Love

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Video 1 – Q & A
Sharing, emotional purging, emotional healing work, and the amazing results. On feeling lost, being an empath and picking up other people’s stuff, abundance, mindset, clarity, and clearing with Sacred Activations.

Activations Included:

Separation of Oneself

Soul Fragments

Universal Life Grid Activation

Video 2 – The Activations

Tamra talks about how parts of you can be scattered in different timelines. Part of you takes one direction and another aspect of you takes another direction. You will be activating your spiritual gifts as well, and connecting all aspects of yourself to combine your knowledge and understanding for optimal manifestation and life experiences.

Separation of Oneself

A mind divided. Come into alignment by becoming clear about what you believe. Release and clear old programming that doesn’t serve you so that you may feel harmonious and alive. Let go of any symptoms such as cognitive dissonance and misaligned belief systems so that you can truly be who you are and step into self-empowerment.

Soul Fragments

Your soul can splinter off into different worlds, lifetimes, timelines, and incarnations, oftentimes depending on decisions and events within your life. Call all of the other pieces of you back from trauma and separation to incorporate a sense of oneness and connection into your daily life experience.

Universal Life Grid Activation

Are you an empath? Do you take on other people’s emotions as your own? Do you make other people’s problems your problems? Break free from taking on other people’s stuff and learn how to discern for your highest good what decisions to make. This Activation connects you to your higher self to make it easier to receive divine guidance in any moment you are presented with an opportunity to choose differently.

Video 3 – Connect with Your Doppelganger

Guided Meditation: Connect to All Aspects of Yourself

Bring yourself into connection with every aspect of you that has been separated or splintered off due to trauma, decisions, and various events throughout our lives. This will allow you to align your life purpose, goals, and decisions with your highest good for your soul’s evolution and for your human life journey.

Video 4 – Preview for Week 12 of Out of the Mind Matrix with Love

Connecting to the Eye of God

We are going to connect to Source energy and really connect to God and everything else in existence. This will allow you to have that flowing energy and knowledge within you. You can ask for things, answers, experiences, and will be guided by your true self and your connection with the divine.

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