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Witchcraft Release Activation.

How many healers have been called witches? Or the fear of witches and all that other energy that used to come in when you said you were a healer? A lot of people judge healers as witches, or we believe we have to be a witch to be a healer- and that is really a lower level energy. If you’re focused on being a witch,even if you’re good or bad – you can go way beyond that now, there’s no reason to plug into that energy anymore and it is unnecessary.
Sure Witches are magical and there are good and bad spells, but I have noticed that when people try to do bad spells – bad things happen to them. The more powerful you are and you try to attack someone else it comes back to you because everybody is you -If you are feeling negative about anybody you need to look at that,what is that about? because they are your mirror and you need to let that go .You only want to be peace love joy and happiness for everybody.


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